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PimpsLord is a free turn-based strategy game for those who wanna control the streets, collect protection money, dominate a city or country, create gangs and much more!

The main basis of the game is to get to the top! When first starting out, scouting is the safest thing to do. Use about 5-10 turns each time. Keep your happiness levels up, or else your units will start to leave you. Glocks are the best for a starter, when you can afford it go straight up to AK's. Cars can make a difference while attacking or being attacked best car to get, of course, is the BMW 5 series but if u cant afford it go with the next best for you. Join a cartel to get some protection, make sure the cartel pay isn't too high, or you cant build up because all your money is going to the cartel. The last thing to remember is try everything in the game!! If you don't like the city you're in, leave! If you aren't making enough money try other ways to get money (attack someone in your range). There are other ways also to get easy money you just need to find them.

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Turns are needed to do stuff like scouting, drug ops, travelling, attackting and many other things within the game. Make sure to have some turns stored to do things like retaliating against someone that just attacked you.Turns are currently added every 10 mins.


This is a vital part of game play. Your net worth is listed on the right hand side of the screen...right above how much money you currently have on hand. Your networth is a collection of how much money you have on hand and how many thugs/prostitutes/dealers/cars/smack/crack/banked money that you have on hand.

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The "Scout" tab is the ONLY way you can generate more thugs to work for you (attack others and defend you). You can scout in more than one place, but will get varying results based on where you choose. The place that gives you the most thugs will be the place you will want to use. Scouting with 1 turn will show you what is giving the most thugs. Also, you may want to scout with 1 turn to till you feel like the highest number will hit again...and use many turns when you expect the highest number of thugs to happen. This is tough to predict, but the more you scout...the more thugs you will have to help you win.


The "Thug to attack", lets you see who is in the current city.There are currently 5 types of attacks available: Drive by, Grand theft auto, Break n Enter, Sabotage Drug Labs, and Snatch some snatch (stealing hoes). Take note of the fatigue of your thugs.

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Hire Killers

Are you being attack by guys you can't even dream of hurting? well this is the place where you can hire someone to do your dirty work. Here you can post up a attack you want done and see if anyone will be willing to do it for you. Note, set the rates to whatever you think will attract a person to take the job. Factor the facts of thug losses a person may take and turns compensation, so make sure that if you're looking to attack someone really strong, that it's going to pay enough for a person to recoup his/her losses. If you don't have anyone you want to attack, then you can also take on a job. By taking on a job you can easily make some extra money. It's a good tip to see if there are any attack's for hire for the person you are planning to attack, then you can kill two birds with one stone!

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This is where you can group up with other PimpsLord.com players. Form a cartel and expand your network. The more members you have the stronger you are against your enemies (or at least you may think so). Cartels can set a cartel cut rate, which automatically takes a percentage of your operation's earnings. Be sure to join a cartel that has a reasonable rate, some cartels can have rates that soar to 100%... so watch out. Make sure to join the right cartel as well, if you join a bad one that pisses people off, they may come after you for vengeance. Cartels can store a load of drugs, cash, and weapons. Cartels can also purchase thugs to help protect their members if a fight was ever to arise. Cartels can donate drugs and guns to you, but are limited to 5 donations a day so having too many members in one cartel may not really benefit you

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