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Achaea is a MUD, a game with very few graphics. It's a kind of game requires your imagination. Sometimes, these MUDs can be much deeper than those nice-looking games with poor gameplay. Achaea may be one of your choices if you are good in imagination and typing( You type in commands to interact with the world).


In Achaea, you take on the role of a single living, mortal being which called an adventurer. This is your playing piece in the game of Achaea. Through living the life of your adventurer, you play the game called Achaea.

Your adventurer is further identified by choices such as gender, race, and class, and even the organisations it joins, such as a City, a House, or a Divine Order, for those that wish to enter the service of a specific Divine.

To act in Achaea, simply manipulate your adventurer - walking, fighting, exploring, examining things, and acting as a living being would.

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  • A huge, original world that includes other planes like the Underworld and the Parthren Gare.
  • A deep, fast-paced combat system with over a thousand abilities and spells.
  • A wide range of player-run organizations from city-states to Houses, clans, religious Orders, and the Quisalis assassins.
  • The ability to customise an immense number of things about your character, from your castle to your clothes to your personal history to your bloodline.
  • A roleplaying environment aimed at being fun without being oppressive.
  • An engaging interactive tour for newbies, and a comprehensive Quick Start Guide so that you can dive in with all the information you need to get started right at your fingertips.

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Roleplaying is an important part of Achaea, and while it is not required, it is encouraged. Those who roleplay consistently are bound to come to the notice of the Gods, who greatly favour good roleplayers over those who don't make an effort.

While roleplaying is largely a personal art that is most fun when performed on a day to day basis, Achaea occasionally runs big plots (stories) that even those who don't normally enjoy roleplaying tend to enjoy participating in. These might run from roleplaying out the trial of a player accused of crimes by a city-state to massive world-spanning plots, supported by custom-written game mechanics, that pit the different political organisations against each other.

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Here is Achaea Guide: Quick Start Guide

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