Sleuth: Shades of Mystery: Be a Detective in Sleuth: Shades of Mystery

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Sleuth: Shades of Mystery

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery is a unique point and click mystery role playing game. You take on the persona of a detective in a dark world where murder and intrigue are commonplace. You solve mysteries by searching for clues, questioning suspects and interviewing witnesses. Every mystery is unique, with different victims, suspects and clues. All mysteries are solvable, in fact there are always two ways to solve any single mystery, but player skill and a small amount of luck are necessary to nab the guilty suspect.

Sleuth is an open-ended detective RPG. You can use your Sleuth Mail to communicate with other Sleuths and build relationships. The world of Sleuth offers many opportunities to cooperate with and compete against other detectives. If you'd rather just play on your own, that's fine too. The Sleuth mystery engine allows for endlessly varied mysteries and escalating challenges.

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Your detective is your personification in the world of Sleuth. A detective has certain statistics, skills and equipment that make it easier to solve cases.

Your detective's appearance does not affect gameplay. Once set, you cannot change your features, face shape or skin color. You can however change your hat, glasses and image background. Your detective's background affects the skills and contacts your detective will begin his or her career with. These in turn affect how you play the game. You can use skills to help you solve a case, such as:

  • Charm: Make a suspect or witness talk by being nice.
    Intimidation: Make a suspect or witness talk by being mean.
  • Judge of Character: Determine whether somebody will respond better to Charm or Intimidation.
  • Lock Picking: Open a locked door without a key.
  • Footprint Analysis: Determine if footprint evidence is from a heavy or slim person. You must find a quiet place to concentrate to use this skill.
  • Tobacco Analysis: Determine if tobacco ashes came from a pipe or a cigar. You must find a quiet place to concentrate to use this skill.
  • Code Breaking: Unravel meaning buried within a coded message. You must find a quiet place to concentrate to use this skill.
  • Necromancy: Speak with the dead to learn what secrets they took with them to the grave. You can only commune with the very recently departed.
  • Others.

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