DeviantWar: Choose a Country And Battle with The Others:

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Game Title: DeviantWar
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Future
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Buy in game advantages
Official Site: Click here
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Deviantwar is a turn-based (one turn is 15minutes) MMORPG that can be played in your favorite browser. You are lord of your planet, battling other lords and your goal is to make your civilization as successful as possible, both economically and military. The game is fun and easy to learn. You can choose any of 7 countries and every country has its own unique bonus. Bonuses are described in the registration form.

The aim of the game is to strengthen your army to attack enemy players and take their money! Players are ranked so you can see how your forces stand up against everyone else. Each country in Deviantwar has a particular area in which they excel.

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These can work to your advantage in gaining higher rankings, so it is worth considering them before choosing your country:

  • China needs 25% less money to upgrade Unit Production.
  • France attacks with 25% more strength then other country.
  • Germany is 25% stronger at defending than any other country.
  • Japan is 35% better at spy action than any other country.
  • Russia has 60% cheaper Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mining areas.
  • United Kingdom earns 30% more cash from Mines (miners and mine slaves)
  • United States earn 25% more cash from Commercial workers

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What is a soldier without his weapon? In the armory, you can purchase weapons and repair them. Weapons are given to people automatically. But different class of army men can wield different weapon.

  • Soldier - only first two weapons
  • Corporal - only first four weapons
  • Sergeant - all, but last weapon
  • Major - all weapons


In the train page, you can see all the units you have and you can train new units or untrain those you have previously trained to reassign them. You can train units in attack, defence, covert or assassination experts for military purposes or into workers to improve economy. Additionally you can put your slaves in the mines to increase your money production. Have in mind that you can only achieve 100% happiness if you use formulas below:

Industrial Workers = Commercial Workers + Mine Workers

Also Mine Workers should be only 20% compared to Commercial Workers + Mine Workers. So if you have 20 people to train, train 10 as industrial workers, 2 as mine workers and 8 as commercial workers. One commercial worker will bring you 100 money / turn, industrial worker 50% less and mine worker 20% more. Happiness affects your money gain too. If at 100% then you will gain all amount of money. If 50% then you will only gain 50% of money.

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You can use the bank for depositing and withdrawing your money or to invest money or write checks to other players. Money in the bank is safe from other people and cannot be stolen.


You can select a player to attack. You will be given their information and you'll have to choose which type of attack you want to perform. You can attack them for money, slaves or untrained units. For these attacks to be successful, your attack power must be greater than his defence. Other options are spying or sabotaging his weapons with covert agents and assassinating his units. You also have the option to send messages to the selected player in the attack tab.

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If you think you need extra allies, join an alliance. In this feature you can check other alliances, create your own alliance or look up the alliance you are currently in. In every alliance panel, there is info about leader of alliance, sub-leader and the officers. Also the alliance's power and statistics of average alliance power. You can also check member list in there. If you are the leader of an alliance, you can edit alliance info or re-arrange players positions. Members can use Alliance Chat to communicate with other members. Important feature is also Alliance Bank, where members donate money and leader or sub-leader can divide it to others. Bank also has small Interest Rate (0.4%) which is added two times per day.

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