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rivalsaga Game Title: Rival Saga
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Account
Official Site: Click here
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This is a review of Rival Saga made by BBGsite Reviewer Team member, BBGsite Pioneer, MMOCrazy.

Reviewed by: MMOCrazy
Jan. 2009


Rival Saga (www.rivalsaga.com) is a new browser-based RPG that is currently in open beta. In it, players can quickly create an account, load up the game and start on an adventure as a Knight/Paladin, Ranger/Archer, Wizard/Mage, or a Berserker/Gladiator in the world of JaJarp. Players can either travel on their journey as a Saga Adventurer (free) or upgrade their account to a Saga Master ($9.95) for an increase in benefits such as more classes, exclusive areas, etc.

(Find more details of Rival Saga from our foregoing article: Rival Saga: Two Powerful Rivals. One Epic Journey)

Graphics (6/10):

For those that have played Adventure Quest, the game's look is very similar to Adventure Quest in that it seems almost like a 2D scroller.  Nothing spectacular yet it does seem to work well with the game's nature and characteristics. Overall, I give it a 6/10 for the graphics as it does work well especially for a browser-based RPG.

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Audio (6/10):

The game does have background music as you are playing the game which is pretty nice. However, the background music does seem to be on a loop. Nevertheless, the music does enhance the gameplay making the feeling much more exciting. When engaging in combat, the sound effects are also notable yet it is still a bit limited. Overall, I give audio a 6/10 becaus although it could do better, it is fine for now and I am sure later, it will improve.

Story (7/10):

The story is introduced on the main website and reflects the current state of JaJarp (funny name huh?). The game puts you into the plot of trying to rescue JaJarp from the chaos that is ensuing. In the game, many of the quests relate to the overall plot and definitely adds to the story element. Overall, I give the story a 7/10 because the quests do make the players actually feel part of the driven plot but at its current state, the game is only in open beta and yet to finish the story.

Gameplay (7/10):

I really found this game to be quite enjoyable. It has a nice play to the game from the controls, to the movements, to the quick loading between maps, and to all the features it currently has. However, right now the game doesn't seem to be complete. The map only has a few certain places and there only seems to be a couple of dungeons. I only played as a Saga Adventurer and when I did, I was only offered two classes (male or female making it seem 4), so I chose a Knight. The game also features mini-games, pets, and the site says that the party system is soon to come. The combat is also interesting for those liking turn-based battles, but the skill variety isn't that high yet most probably because of my low level right now and for being a knight. Again, this game is only in open-beta and so much has yet to be created and introduced into the game. I will definitely be playing this game however once and a while as a nice casual game and hopefully later on, much more locations to go and more features are introduced to keep the game exciting.

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Conclusion - Overall (7/10):

Overall, I give Rival Saga a 7/10. This game does have something to offer for those wanting to play a small casual game every now and then, don't expect to go hardcore and find out the game only offers a small amount of gameplay at this time,although I am still unsure of how much Saga Masters currently has. I suggest trying this game out for a little fun and checking back to see its progress for the game to become more complete.

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