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Game Title: Minewars: Cincomm-9
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Warfare
Period: Future
Time Units: Point
Fee: Buy in game advantages
Official Site: Click here
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Minewars is a browser-based war strategy game. Are you ready?Think you can devise the ultimate strat? Do you have what it takes to rise to the top and dominate? Prepare to put yourself to the test... your wits, your management skills, your creativity, your cunning... prepare for Minewars.

Through your planning, win the battle before it is fought. Through your foresight, build up an army that can't be defeated. Through your ambition, take control of a world in the outer reaches of space, in the face of hundreds of others with the same goal in mind. And when you have conquered and achieved legendary status on Cincomm-9, a new and more difficult challenge awaits you. Most have never been there and many will never go. To LMS, the battlefield of the elites, where everything, everything is under your control, where your strats can be pushed beyond limits...

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Now you have recently been presented with a unique opportunity to travel to Cincomm-9 and stake a claim. But since Cincomm-9's existance is not well known, it is virtually lawless. Manufacturers of military-type vehicles have set up shop in various locations in and around Cincmom-9. You will need a certain amount of each resource to give to the manufacturers in order for them to build you units to defend your area - and to retaliate to teach lessons about the dangers of attempting to take what's yours.

The manufacturers tend to focus their efforts on developing vehicles using unique proportions of each resource. For example, Roc vehicles tend to require a large proportion of Bytanium, while Superior vehicles and products require about equal amounts of all three resources. In addition, to purchase the higher level vehicles/products, you'll need to provide the manufacturer with purer resources. To get purer resources, you'll need to invest in better refineries, which are not cheap. So you should get acquainted with the resources, vehicles and products that each manufacture offers and decide which ones you want to buy from primarily, so you'll know where to focus you mining/refinery investments.

Also keep this mind: everything is not as it seems on Cincomm-9. If you want to know more, there are ways to find out. If you don't care but just want to fight, you can go that route too. Everyone has their own reasons for going there...

That leader is you!

  • Command your armies to execute multiple attack waves
  • Watch the generals you place over your armies gain experience and learn new tactics, adding attack/defense bonuses
  • Take advantage of many different diplomatic features, including sections, areas, area leader elections and clans
  • Play lone wolf or support your friends by sharing your resources among clan members or section members
  • Research and construct along dozens of branches to develop your base and army in your own unique way
  • and much more...

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Currently Testing

  • Repair Facility. Testing a new base ability, after every battle the home base repairs a percentage of the damaged units. The facility can be upgraded to increase the mas repair percentage. This ability is aimed at preventing easy base wipe-outs.
  • Unit Stats. Now you can click on unit names in army layout reports and in the command center to open a pop-up window showing the unit stats. This feature is aimed at helping newer players get to know the units easier.
  • Class Targeting Stats. Each unit in army layout reports and in the command center has a 'Class' icon next to it; if you click the class icon a pop-up window opens showing all units that attack that class of unit. This is aimed at helping new players figure out what units they need to order to attack a target when they do an army-layout mission.
  • Space Ports for 40DM. In the main game if you go 40DM, you will be unable to build Space Ports, since they require Purification Plants. Space Ports here are lowered to only require Advanced Refineries, allowing 40DM players to build ships and asteroid mines.
  • No more building lab units. I fail to see the strategic value in forcing players to take the time to build lab units one by one. In the sandbox, you now start with a default of 10DM. Build the first Data Center to go straight up to 20DM. Build Data Center II for 30DM. And so on. The restrictions about Decontaminators and Purification Plants are still in effect, i.e., if you build Data Center II you cannot build Decontaminators.
  • No need to go to space to defend. The Azimuth Cannon now targets Mothership class ships in the sandbox.

Minewars: Cincomm-9 Screenshot

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Features Soon To Be Tested

  • New unit stats Escape and Accuracy. Each unit will have a chance to escape, and high accuracy units will be less affected or in some cases unaffected by gstrike
  • Area Bonuses. Each area will have a bonus associated with it. It could be extra defensive bonus or enhanced mining bonuses, such as finding a certain crystal often or extra resources. The only way to tell what the bonus of an area is will be to go explore it. Migration penalty will be softened.

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