Hyperiums: Conquer And Manage Another Planet

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Hyperiums is an international massively multiplayer strategy browser-based game running since January 2001. It is based on a universal and timeless science-fiction theme: the conquest of planets. But Hyperiums is not just a wargame. It is also about trading, spying, alliances... Successful players are skilled in diplomacy as much as in pure strategy.

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When you start the game, you are given one planet to administer. Five days later, you get another one offered. It is now your job to manage your empire, set up trading relations with the other planets, develop your own planets, research technologies, build factories and fleets, raise armies, spy and/or communicate with your neighbours, find or create one or several alliances, define target planets, load armies into your ships and launch your fleets, drop your armies on the target planets and fight for their control...

Your possibilities are endless:

You can stay within the protection of Hyperiums, or entrust an existing alliance.
You can become the vassal of another player in compensation of a financial grant.
You can be a peaceful trader or participate in any fight.
You can be loyal with your alliance or betray it by giving away confidential information to another alliance.
You can fight for your influence rank or for your inflicted damage rank.
You can develop your planets as fast as you can, or preserve their resources for a longer living.

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In Hyperiums, there are two ways to conquer a planet: a soft one, and a brutal one. The soft way is by progressively infiltrating the target planet, until it falls under your control. The brutal way is by sending war ships and dropping your armies to the ground. Achieving conquests is expensive: in order to finance these activities, you will need to establish commercial relations with other planets and make profits from them. Don't be scared, it's easy, you will see!

Just a few words concerning the spirit of the game. You will not be given the exact formulas used to compute the battles, the infiltrations, or anything else. You will get information about, for example, the relative characteristics of the ships and races, but (quite) no number and no math formula. We expect our players to get this knowledge by experience. Just be aware that chance is everywhere, that all computations include random numbers. Didn't Heisenberg teach us that everything is a matter of probability?

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