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Game Title: Rescreatu
Genre: Community
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Pets
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Rescreatu is a virtual pet site where you can adopt many virtual pets, raise an egg which will hatch into a creatu which will be your virtual pet here on Rescreatu.

Rescreatu pets begins when you start your own journey by finding and hatching a virtual pet egg into your own personal creatu. Continue to raise, train, and care for your virtual pet to be the best. Unlike other virtual pet sites, Rescreatu strives to be unique in every aspect. They have over 35 different virtual pets for you to adopt. When you adopt your own virtual pet you have to care for it, treat it well and make sure your virtual pet never gets sick! So if you enjoy raising your own real life pets, then be sure to come on in and create your own virtual pets today!

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Explore virtual worlds

There are four virtual worlds to explore; Relcore, Atquati, Reiflem, and Scria. In here, you will find eggs. Each of these eggs contains a Creatu (virtual pet). Some are rarer than others, and come in different colors. You hatch the Creatu by going to the Hatchery and clicking "Hatch Me!" under the egg you wish to hatch. You'll get to name your Creatu, and select their gender and temperament. You do not see what color they are until after they hatch. There are three professions you can choose from.

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Sell virtual pets what you cultured

Ranchers are able to raise as many Creatu (virtual pets) as they wish in hopes of selling them. This is similar to raising cattle and selling them. The downside is the owner must train and care for them until they become valuable enough to sell. The rarer a Creatu's species is, the higher a Creatu's stats, the older the Creatu is, and the rarer the Creatu's color, the more a rancher is able to sell the Creatu for. Creatus are our virtual pets.

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The NPC shops and Merchants

Merchants are able to open user shops. This option will not be available for you unless you are a merchant. Merchants buy from the NPC shops, and then sell the items in their shop at a profit. While more expensive, Merchant shops have the items all the time, while the NPC shops only stock an item occasionally. The less an item stocks in the NPC shop, the more the Merchant can charge for it in their shop.

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