Tomb Treasure: Enter the Tomb and Take Out Its Treasure

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Tomb Treasure

Tomb Treasure is a free persistent browser based game (PBBG) that allows players to enter and navigate a tomb, fight its inhabitants for their riches and remove the collected treasure for points in a battle to be the richest player by the end of the game. The game concept is quite simple. All you have to do is to move your character into the dungeon, kill monsters and bring their treasure out of the dungeon. The player who's character brings out the most treasure wins the game.

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Game Play

The game is played by first choosing one of the three starting character classes and entering the tomb. Once inside, the player must travel through each level defeating enemies and taking their treasures. With a limited inventory, the player must choose to keep only the most valuable treasure in their possession throughout their travels and make it back out of the tomb with the treasure to be scored. Players compete for the highest score.

Enter The Game
To join a game, click the Game Listing link on the left and choose a game to join from the list. There may be more than one game running at the same time but you may join each game if you like. Each game has a set of rules that will determine if your score for that game makes you eligible for a prize or not. Each game last 7 days. Prizes are awarded to the top players in each game. The amount of the prizes and the number of top players who get a prize is dependent on the amount of tokens deposited into that game.

While In The Game

Once in a game, enter the tomb and navigate the hallways and room looking for and killing the inhabitant and take possession of their treasure. You must leave the tomb alive to get credit for the removed treasure. If you are defeated, you will restart outside of the tomb. You will retain your weapon and armor, but have no treasure. Your overall score is calculated from the amount of treasure removed successfully divided by the number of moves your player takes while in the game.

Game Tokens

Tokens are used in the game to give your character a bonus while fighting in the dungeon. The more tokens used the bigger the benefit up to the max benefit. Tokens are earned by either winning a prize from a previous game, or given as as a reward for making donations to the game development. Tokens can be spent on any character while in a game to receive the benefit. Tokens can also be earned by referring other players to the game.

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