JurassicRPG: Study and Preserve Unique Animals

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Jurassic RPG

The Jurassic Animal Sanctuary has been built to study and preserve some very unique animals. Inside this sanctuary there are eleven reserves that help us to study these animals. The reserves are also designed with protection in mind. While inside a reserve you are safe from harm.

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As a field scientist you have done great work and you are here to aid us in our research. you may choose the Scientific Discipline and Ecology study you would like to do. Your job will be to collect DNA samples and data about the animals you encounter.


There are seven Ecologies in the game. The main differences between the Ecologies are what Field Kit Modules you get access to, the speed with which you level up, and the amount of Biosuit Power/Field Kit Power/Strength/Dexterity you gain per level. Below is a basic outline of each Ecology.

Scientific Disciplines

There are six Scientific Disciplines in the game. The main differences between the Scientific Disciplines are the amount of BP/FKP/Strength/Dexterity you have during game play.

Difficulty Ranks

Jurassic RPG includes the ability to play using one of three difficulty levels. All Animal statistics in the game are set at a base number. However, using a difficulty multiplier, certain statistics are increased. The amount of Strength a dinosaur has goes up, which means it will take longer to Track. But the amount of Knowledge and DNA you gain from Tagging it also goes up. So the game is a little bit harder, but it is also more rewarding. The following are the three difficulty levels and their statistic multiplier, which applies to the dinosaur Strength, Knowledge drop, and DNA drop.

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