PhantasyRPG: Simply a Fantastical RPG

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This is a instruction to a old and tiny browser based game called PhantasyRPG. The purpose of PhantasyRPG is to provide an interactive fantastical browser based world that can be entered from any computer with internet access. No downloads, no long waits, just a free world to emmerse into and partake in an ever expanding world as well as meet other people from around the world who identify themselves in the same demographics.

The name PhantasyRPG comes off to some people as being unoriginal. The reason the game is entitled this is because its simply a fantastical RPG. You are to determine your role in it and how your character turns out. The class system is enormous which adds even more to the fact that you can define your own path, you aren't limited or heldback by game restrictions.

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You begin in the thriving town of Cajar. Here you will work your way up battling monsters, going on distant quests, slaying dark beasts, and finding incredible treasures. The only point to this game is to define your own destiny and lifestyle. You can become a great war hero, be the owner of a thriving clan, become a merchant and sell goods wherever you go, or take on some of our InGame Skills such as mining.

This game takes place in the current city of Cajar. You can explore outside of town to battle monsters,look for treasures, and learn about our world. You can work on mastering your fighting abilities, try to become a merchant, or even go on to own a clan.

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Some of the Features

Turn Based Single Player Battles
PhantasyRPG has a small graphical battle sequence, when battling enemies. With options to fight, or attempt to run from battle.

Currently there are two towns in PhantasyRPG. They both offer plenty of things for you from Quests, to new ites, and even pets.

You will be traveling tile by tile on our Graphical maps. You will see other players on tiles near you, and even items along the path. You can use Shovels/Picks to dig into the ground and uncover hidden treasures!

There is a public library inside the main city within PhantasyRPG. You can write books, poems, or guides on the game to help out other members. Some really extraordinary stories have been written by the citizens of Cajar.

Everything and anything you could ever want. From Weapons, Armor, all the way to magical eggs. New sets and types will be added all the time.

User-Owned Shops
Run your own shop, for a small fee (payable in crowne). You can restock your shop, increase the size, and also hire a shopkeeper. If you have no shopkeeper, who will run your shop? Also you can get stronger shop keepers. and equip them to fend off common thieves.

User-Owned Clans
After you are experienced enough, and have the crowne, you can start up your own clan. Recruit members, and manage your Hierarchy to become the most reknown clan!

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