Armored Legion Preview: A Sneek Peek:

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Armored Legion Game Title: Armored Legion
Graphics: 3D
Status: Open Alpha Test
Theme: Robots
Period: Future
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Armored Legion is a brand new 3D browser based game which is still in develpment. But you can play in our open alpha test now, without register! But your browser must support the Shockwave to play Armored Legion.

1. Design Your Mech
You can DIY your mechs through choosing different heads, cores(chest), arms, and legs. The mechs' style reminds me the famous GUNDAM series.

Armored Legion Screenshots 1
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2. The First Step
After you done your mech, the tutorial comes. In the turorial, you will learn how to control your mech(Arrow keys to move, Ctrl key to fly). Also there are a training combat waiting for you.

Armored Legion Screenshots 2
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Armored Legion Screenshots 6
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Combat is the main focus of the game of Armored Legion. To engage an opponent in combat, simple left click them with your mouse. You will notice that you have two options Attack and Examine. Examining the opponent gives you a chance to see your chance of successfully defeating your opponent. Examine is colored coded based on difficulty. Right now there are only turn-based combat. Each turn you can choose a action: attack, evade(left or right), power shot or flee. If you choose power shot, your shield will disappear because the lack of power.

Armored Legion Screenshots 5
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Armored Legion Screenshots 3
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