Gothador: Struggle to Evolve into Angel

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Gothador is a web-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game) where literally thousands of people play online together. When you start, your character is visible in the middle of the game grid. You can then move to any of the eight directions around you, providing it is a valid place to move. Your character is then moved and the map is then re-centered around your character.

As well as moving around the world, you can also interact with other players by chatting, fighting and trading. As you progress, your character will gain experience and 'level-up' from which you gain points that you can apply to your base stats, such as Attack, Defence, Hit Points, etc. As you advance even further in the game, you may be able to evolve into an advanced character class, such as Vampire, Monk, Demon and Angel, and also gain many useful skills and spells to assist you.

As a final note, Gothador has a very strong community, full of helpful players. So all we can say is give it a try and see what you think!

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Accepting the Quest

To accept the quest you will need to head towards of the 'Gothador' Realm. The realm window consists of 9 squares with you in the centre square. All actions available will be for that square only. Be aware that once you accept this quest you will not be able to return to the 'Gothador' realm until the tutorial is complete. The Guard Captain will set you the task of helping restock the armoury and also searching for valuables. These are both seperate quests and need to be completed before approaching the Guard Captain again.

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Leveling up and Understanding Each Player Statistic

After accepting the quest from the guard you should now be 250xp higher than before. If you came straight here after character creation then you will now be level 2. There are 8 player statistics that you can level up.

The higher the attack the better your chances will be of hitting a creature. A player's chance to hit a creature with a defence of 40 while the players attack is 10 will be greatly reduced.

The higher the defence the better your chances are of avoiding being hit by a creature or player.

HP (Health Points)
The more Hit Points you have the more damage you can take. When your HP hits 0 you will be rushed to the closest hospital (or other medical place representing your class) and all gold (and platinum pieces) collected will be dropped. When at the hospital you can spend an AP to heal yourself to the max.

MP (Magic Points)
Mana points are used when you cast a spell. Each spell takes a certain amount of MP to cast. The more MP you have the more times you can cast. Mana can be replenished by using Mana Potions and visiting Mana Shrines.

AC (Armour Points)
AC determines how much damage you take from an creature or player. The higher your AC the less damage you will sustain.

DMG (Damage)
Damage determines how many HP is removed from the creature or player whenever you hit them. Again, the higher your damage the higher the HP loss will be.

AP (Action Points)
Everytime you move, attack, say something or do any action you will lose an AP.

Speed determines how quickly your AP regenerates. The lowest that the player can reduce the speed is by 10 minutes. Equipment can be found that will further reduce this to 5 minutes.

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