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KeyWord: Earth,Warfare,Strategy,Interactive
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Game Title: Earth: 2025
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Future
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Free
Official Site: Click here
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Earth: 2025 tests your hand at running a modern day country. Develop its technology, militasy, and land while dealing with war, tarde, diplomacy and more! Best of all, compete and interact with thousands of others also trying to become the most powerful country on the planet.

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Earth: 2025 brings together tens thousands of players in an interactive gaming environment that's more addictive, entertaining, and engaging than anything you'll play against a computer or just a few opponents. You'll get the opportunity to take command of a fledging country and manage its economy, military, diplomacy and more as you try to make yourself the most powerful in the world.


Unlike most supposed webgames out there, Earth: 2025 is truly and completely interactive. Play against 20,000 or more opponents, and it's an experience like nothing else you'll find. When you join in, tell your friends and meet new players -- it's all part of the fun!

Easy to Learn

Like any strategy game, the more you play, the better you'll become. In Earth, though, you don't need to be a master to get started. Other players will always be willing to help you out or take you under their wings -- all you have to do is ask (nicely!).


Along with the social interaction, the thrill of competition makes Earth: 2025 truly addictive and engrossing. Compete against the world, but remember there can only be one top-ranked player. Standard games and a ladder tournament give you multiple opportunities to compete to be the best!


Best of all, Earth: 2025 is absolutely free to play. Funded by advertising, strives to offer you the best possible gaming environments absolutely free. Join in and try it out... Don't like it? Just leave -- no harm done!

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A Review here: Earth: 2025 Review

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