Trenton Made: Commit a Crime for Joy

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Trenton Made

Trenton Made is a roleplaying browser-based game which you can control your gang in the fastest paced mob game online! Rise above the trappings of ordinary life and enter the notorious mafia game.

Put contracts out on your enemies or kill em yourself, play the best mob game on the internet. Buy and sell black market goods, be boss of a family and rule with absolute power as you enjoy the best mob game out. Take part in multi-step Mob Games and Missions. Bribe cops, burn down buildings, spy on your rivals, and outsmart the feds.

Shakedown your territory, wage war, smack talk in the forums...


  • Energy is used for training and attacking. Food is necessary to regain energy, but dont get too full.,
  • Will determines the effectiveness of your training.
  • Brave is used to do crimes, different crimes take more brave to do. The higher brave crimes are harder to succeed at and will require courses, so be careful not to try them to soon.
  • Health shows how much health you have remaining. You lose this if you're hit in a fight.


There are 6 types of stats used on Trenton Made: Strength, Agility, Marksmanship, Guard, Labor, and IQ.
  • Strength determines how much damage you do in battle.
  • Agility is used to determine your hit rate with melee weapons in battle.
  • Marksmanship is used to determine your accuracy with guns in battle.
  • Guard reduces the amount of damage done to you when you are hit.
  • Labor and IQ are used to determine what jobs you are able to do. IQ is also used when committing crimes.

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Hospital and Jail time

Hospital: This is your injury repair center. New players receive some free medical items, which heal 30 minutes hospital time. You can acquire other medical items on your shakedowns or they can be purchased from one of the stores. If you choose not to heal yourself, you must wait out your time.

Jail: If you get caught doing a crime, you do the time. A smart criminal keeps a nail file handy; they can relieve you of 30 minutes of jail time. As with the medical items, jail items can be acquired during shakedowns or purchased at one of the stores. While in jail, your abilities are restricted. The food is bad, the walls are dirty, and the other inmates think you're pretty.


Gym: To use the gym, type in the number of times you want to train, select the stat to train and click ok.
Crimes: Go to the crime screen and select the crime you want to do. Remember that failing a crime will land you in jail. For some crimes you will need to have completed courses and have certain items. The crime rewards are primarily money.
School: School offers courses that will raise your stats over a certain period of time. There are some courses you will need to complete for your player type in addition to getting licenses and doing crimes and missions.
Your Job: A job will provide you with money at 5:00PM game time every day, as well as raising your job stats everyday

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Attacking will gain you experience when you win, but you lose experience if you lose. The amount of experience depends on the comparative strength of your enemy, if they are much weaker, you won't get much experience Attacking is a good way to get experience, and exert your superiority over those weaker than you. In order to attack you need 33% energy, and a weapon. When you win a fight you will get a percentage of experience depending on how much stronger you are compared to the person you are attacking.


Families are a group of players that band together to work for a common purpose, for fellowship, or taking down the losers in a rival family. Families cost $100K to create, and once you buy it, you are the boss of your family.

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