PonyIsland: Improve Your Imagination to Raise Ponies

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PonyIsland is a unique virtual pony pet game. In this magical world of PonyGaming and Community life you're able to have your very own Island full of ponies! In PonyIsland you can raise ponies, breed ponies, sell and buy ponies, train them to increase their attributes, and compete with them.

Creation and community, those are the values we treasure most on ponyisland. In this highly interactive pet pony simulator, you control the game! Whatever goals you choose, whether it be to breed ponies of every color in the rainbow, train a prize-winning champion, or simply watch your pony companions grow and thrive, the only limit to how you play is your imagination!


Your own unique ponies

You can be sure that all of your ponies will be one of a kind, since there's more than 1 septillion (10^24) different color combinations. There are 10 different species; Earth Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, Winged Unicorn Ponies, Flutter Ponies, Fairy Ponies, Sea Ponies, Shell Ponies, Mer Ponies and even Dragon Ponies! To make sure your ponies are one of a kind you can also "tattoo" your ponies with images of your choice.

Community Atmosphere

An important part of PonyIsland is the community aspect. We've got plenty of strictly moderated forums that are safe even for our youngest players. We give all our players a gallery to use for uploading pictures and their own homepage that can be viewed by everyone. We also have a very advanced in-game mail system that we call our Private Message system with all the features of your common email client such as folders, marking read and unread PMs, and so on.

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Care for your ponies

You'll have to feed your ponies, take them to the vet and care for them as if they were real. They need stables/pools to live in and to be happy. If you don't take good care of your ponies they'll get sick, and in the long run, die. Your ponies will take damage from competing in contests and from giving birth, just like real ponies.

A game for everyone

PonyIsland is a game for everyone who's interested in having fun with friends, finding new friends, playing a never-ending game, or caring for animals, ponies or horses of any kind, real or model. It's a game you can make as easy or as difficult as you want. It's G-rated and strictly moderated. People of all ages find PonyIsland fun and interesting, because this game is exactly as challenging as you want it be -- you set the level. Its educational benefits are many: PonyIsland teaches responsibility and money management, and it allows users to explore the principles of genetics and economics, the mathematics of RGB color combination, HTML coding and webpage design, and the netiquette expected in online communities.

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