Leuric: Do You Want a Game Mixed Gladiatus & Tanoth?

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(The game is closed down)
is a brand new flash web game which the beta v1.0 was launched on Dec, 16th. It's a continuously evolving Massively multiplayer role playing game, where you play as one of two factions, Viking or Atlantian. Players can choose to adventure the vast lands of Leuric or fight against the opposite faction in the Arena fighting for the highest rank and fame, becoming the ultimate warrior. Players can choose from a wide selection of weapons and items, customizes and train their character skills, work to obtain more money for buying items or upgrading skills.



Welcome to the lands of Leuric, where explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates live in these ever changing lands.

Now two warring factions raid and colonize wide areas of Leuric since these great lands were discovered. The Vikings and the Atlantian's lay at war with each other over tribal land and resources.

The Vikings with their war blooded fury, lust for battle at any given chance, no mercy will be taken at all, ruthless, barbaric and the perfect warrior. The Atlantian's were forced into war by the Vikings after the Vikings discovered a rich and advanced society, now the Atlantian's use knowledge, magic and the spirit of freedom to defeat their foes.

During the race for colonization and exploration by the two factions, many mysteries and creatures have been unearthed, now these beasts and beings fight back reclaiming their land.

Destiny now lies in your hands , choose your faction wisely, fight with your brothers and sisters and fight for what's yours.


We can find many familiar features on Leuric. Most of them are come from Gameforge's Gladiatus and Tanoth. In Leuric, you can train your attributes, take journeys to earn your rewards, work from 1 hour to 8 hours to get money when you are offline, buy a mount in stable to increase the speed, fight others to get fame, etc. And all these are serve for your aim: take a high rank in the Hall of Fame.


A place where you check your state. Your equipments and inventories are also shown here. And you can directly improve your attributes here with some cost. But you may have litte chance to do it. I will tell you why soon.

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We can also call this "quest" or "exploring". You need to accept a quest to start your journey. And it will end up in minutes, telling you the result of your journey. If you reach the object of the quest, you will be paid with money and exp.

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Just like what you do in the stable in Gladiatus. You can choose the time you work, from 1 hour to 8 hours. During that time, you can do nothing else.

Trader & Shop

The trader sells all the equipments and items in the game. From weapons to foods. And the only goods in Shop is the Bullion, a special currency that will be required when you want to buy some thing.

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You can buy mounts here to increase the speed of your journey. A feature copied the Tanoth.


The battle in Leuric is text-based. After you click the "Fight" button in Battle page, the fight will start and end automatically. What you need to do is watching the logs telling you how many damage you or he did in this turn.

You can fight anyone at any time in Leuric. No metter how low level your opponent has. That's why I say you may have litte chance to improve your attributes. If you are new, you will be raid by players again and again. You won't have enough money to do what you want to do.

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