Dinoparc: Bring Your Dino to Fight

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Dinoparc is a multiplayer browser game, you get a dino, bring him to fight! The Dino are very nice animals who are looking for somebody to look after them. Help them to grow up and fight against other Dino. Explore the great world of Dinoland!

Discover Dinoparc

The world of Dinoland is full of mysteries! Discover the different places of this magic kingdom and participate the tournaments which will make you famous!

Your Dino have many skills and actions. Each day your Dino can move and fight, but attention! you must take care of them regularly, in your absence they could be attacked by other Dino!

Make progress by fighting with no mercy against other Dino! After each fight, no matter whether you win or lose, you'll get experience and gold coins. With the coins you can teach your Dino new things.

Adopt a Dino

The game starts with 10000 Coins. Each day when you connect to the site, you automatically win 200 Coins. With the coins you can buy Dino and also buy items from the shop. For example, there are items that enable you to take care of or resurrect a wounded or dead Dino. Therefore, make good use of your coins and try not to spend them all at once!

The first thing you buy will be a Dino. You can choose from several Dino. There are different races of Dinos, more or less rare and therefore more or less expensive. Remember that you can have several Dinos at the same time!

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Give your Dino a name

Once you adopt him, a link asks you to choose your Dino's name. Click on him to get access to a form. Here you select your Dino's name. Be careful, because it cannot be changed in the future.

The Dino's sheet

Let's open up your Dino's Sheet. Every Dino has his own sheet with all the important information about him, which also allows you to take any action over him.

Moving around Dinoland

Your Dino has a vast world to explore. Discover new places which allow you to find new possibilities and to make interesting discoveries. To move your Dino, you only have to choose the option Moving available among the different actions. Attention! each one of your Dino can only move once a day.

If you are interested in dinoparc, you can sign up to Dinoparc.com

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