Orion's Belt: An Space Game in Closed Beta:

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Game Title: Orion's Belt
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text with Graphics
Status: Close Beta
Theme: Space
Period: Future
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Buy in game advantages
Official Site: Click here
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The Orions Belt Game is a multiplayer browser game where the player can manage several planets in an hostile universe, and battle with other players in a board game.

Orion's Belt is a free browser game. The new version is under development and is currently on a closed beta. If you wish to help the team beta testing the game you can request access via this e-mail. Meanwhile, you can follow their blog to be updated on the game developments.


Orion's Belt - RIP

Award winning game Orion's Belt is terminated after 5 years. Now we present the first images of our new game, still in closed beta: Orion's Belt 2.0.

Orion's Belt 1.0 was a game made by Portuguese students that was targeted mainly on the Portuguese market. It has several innovative features, the biggest one being battles on a game board similar to chess.

Version 1.0 wouln't scale and was terminated. For the past six months the team have been creating the new Orion's Belt 2.0 version. You can see our institutional web site or read about Orion's Belt 1.0 history.

Orions Belt screenshot
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