Second Home: Colonize New Renaissance World

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Second Home

Second Home is a browser-based online-game, playing at time of early renaissance (1570). Game-fun and suspense are guaranteed. But to be able to play Second Home, you need a browser which can handle frames.You have the opportunity to discover your new renaissance world, "Aramoon", and colonize it together with many other players.

The Map

Second Home Screenshot
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Here it is - the map of our home Aramoon. All the many dots of various colours represent cities, ports and villages. At the beginning of every settler's life on Aramoon they start with one province in the immediate vicinity of a village. If you take a closer look you should be able to find a green dot surrounded by a red ring. This is your home village. There are a total of 250 villages distributed over the 12 regions of Aramoon and up to 2000 different players can settle in the world of Aramoon. On a side note, Aramoon consists of 67500 separate provinces.

Your Home Sector

Second Home Screenshot
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You will now be able to see a map with five by five tiles. This is the so-called sector view. Here you can see who else is represented in this sector besides yourself. The village can be easily recognised by the large cornfields and the large church. On one of the tiles surrounding the village you should be able to recognise your nickname on a white background. This is your home province. On the small banner above you will see the current name of your home province. This name was assigned by the system and is therefore quite meaningless. Later on we will change it together.

Your Home Province

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You now ought to see a view of your province on the left-hand side, with many different buttons right below it. On the right-hand side there is a scroll of parchment on which the economical data of your province is displayed. If you hover over the various tiles on the left with your mouse and wait a second, the type of tile in question will be displayed. Try finding the large house or the large warehouse.If you started your career on Aramoon as a cleric, then you will be able to discover a chapel, while a seigneur or a merchant will quickly locate the brightly gleaming gold mountain. So far, so good.


Second Home Screenshot
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Alliances are a team of players that work together and want to symbolise that they belong together. An alliance can be founded by any player who has reached more than 100 points. An alliance has to have at least 3 players, otherwise it will be deleted at midnight realtime. If a player has reached the 100 point limit and has founded an alliance you can see this alliance by going to the main menu panel and clicking on Alliances. You can also view all existing alliances on the page join an alliance.

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