Space Odyssey: Lead The Galaxy War:

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Game Title: Space Odyssey
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Space
Period: Future
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Free
Official Site: Click here
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Space Odyssey is a free online space MMORPG game involving empire building, player vs. player intense action, galaxy combat, fleet management, military tactics, spaceship fleet customization, planet development and planetary combat, planetary terraforming and genesis, Galaxy exploration and combat, resource management, orbital space stations, role playing character development, mercenary contracts, special items, pirate activity, alien invasions, role playing special abilities, free markets, and lots of fun!

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Extending the Mothership

To begin your adventures as a new commander, you will need to extend the mothership. Extending the mothership is useful in many ways. The real benefit to extending the mothership is when you have built biofarms. This will be explained in the next section of the guide.

Equiping the fleets

After buying some ship hulls, the commander has to equip them to suit his needs, either for defence or for offence. Keep in mind that the price for selling an upgrade is far less than that of buying one, so choose carefully before buying. When buying the hull, the commander can also buy a Drive system/Power Generator witch will provide the necesary energy to sustain the other upgrades. If the ship has no energy generator the only upgrade that can be installed is the armour and marines.

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Mission Contracts

There are four things to a mission. The reward, which can be payed in credits, segments or workers. The mission's description which is where the reward is displayed, the difficulty percentage and the time left remaining for a commander to accept and complete the mission. Completed missions will automatically be removed from the list, and no mission may be attempted twice by the same commander.

Missions are on a random generated system that takes templates created by users on the bottom of this page and generates custom and unique missions for commanders to complete. Fifteen missions are generated every 10 minutes so that all commanders have a good variety of missions to choose from.

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The Doomsday Armada

To activate the doomsday device, the device must first be assembled and charged. Once the device has been assembled, there is no preventing the charging and eventual ignition of the doomsday device. If the device has activated, the device will first perform a safety routine to preserve all life, and reserve enough supplies to sustain and build a new economy. The commanders who have survived previous activations, have come to call these times of change, "The beginning of a new round"

However, if a commander has the will to prevent the end of inequality, a commander may have a chance to remove a commander from the doomsday armada. The Doomsday workforce is held to the requirement that all commanders who perform work have a commander level of 100 or greater and have enough power to be in the top 200. Any commanders that fall below the required power will be released of their duties. Work on the device will be scrapped until a new team can be assembled. Due to the complexity of the device, the entire team must go from start to finish as to ensure the least possible failure in the device.

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