Zombie Pandemic: a Survivor in a Zombie Infested City

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Zombie Pandemic

Zombie Pandemic is a free PPBG (persistent browser based game) multiplayer zombie adventure currently in development. You are a survivor in a zombie infested city - will you survive making it to one of the safehouses? The game will feature enriched RPG elements, including advanced combat, a skill tree and use of realistic navigation on a real world map. The game world will consist of hundreds of locations offering even more game events and quests in a rich storyline. The game will feature art from the brilliant cartoonist Rune Boedker and is developed by an independent team of Copenhagen based game developers.

Game Concept Art
Zombie Pandemic Concept Art
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  • Rescue other survivors of the epidemic and accept quests for your camp
  • Help defend the safezones in the infected city
  • Gather supplies, food, medicine and equipment for the camp
  • Use both long ranged and melee weapons in an advanced combat mode
  • Develop skills such as building traps, special close combat weapons and hacking electronic equipment
  • Challenge other players in battle
  • Explore the quarantined city
  • Track down and defeat or capture the zombies for experiments in the search for the cure
  • Occupy abandoned buildings creating your own safehouse in the infested insecure sector
  • Build and deploy traps, equipment and weapons
  • Team up with other players for missions or in clans
  • The ability to upgrade and modify weapons
  • Go play good or evil. Join and help the fraction of other survivors or go rogue and survive attacking and stealing from other survivors.
  • Perks which will upgrade your skills
  • Contact other safezones and escort people through the zombie infested city

Game Concept Art
Zombie Pandemic Concept Art
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If you are interested in it, you can sign up to the Zombie Pandemic newsletter and be notified on the game launch making you among the very first survivors in the zombie infested city.

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