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Kapilands is a browser based economy simulation and can be played on every computer with internet access. Downloads or plugins are not necessary. Come to Kapilands and become your own boss! Registration is for free.

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Build your company with over 40 different buildings and raise it to a business empire. You can do cattle breeding, high tech business, agriculture or become a fashion trader... what ever you want.


Start your production by choosing from more than 100 different items and increase your product quality by continuous research. Cooperate with other players, or start your own production chain.

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Sell your products to virtual clients or haggle with real players, in order to reach the best sales price. Send contracts or offer your products on the board and/or in the chat.


Kapilands offers a lively community and a chance to make your fortune in no time at all. From rags to riches, your dreams will come true in Kapilands.

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"I have had it; I am going to start my own business!" "Enraged by her business-partner's accusation that she was spending too much money, without caring about the company's balances, she decided she was going to make enough money to turn him yellow with envy.

After the preliminary bureaucratic tasks, she even received a pretty nice financial cushion to start up her company. "Imagine what I could buy with all of this money!" Smiling smugly, she ambled towards the market place and discovered a beautiful selection of diamond rings and golden necklaces. All her good intentions were easily tossed out. Still, she decided she was only going to buy these two items, when she found herself faced with a huge warehouse filled entirely with perfume bottles.

She had made the bargain without the salesman, who promptly offered her 300 bottles for an amazingly great deal. Her inner businesswoman was suddenly wide awake and started calculating – and she took the entire stock. But her shopping spree had only just started. Finally she reached the convertible-market. Hadn’t her partner always dreamed of those? Forgetting her hard feelings for him, she bought 20 cars, delivery straight into her storage.

Exhausted but content, she proudly surveyed her new belongings, congratulated herself on her remarkable taste, then called up her best friend, to tell her about her first day of self-employment.

"You're kidding me, right?", her girlfriend yelled in disbelief. „ No money left… geeze! But, you know, don't worry, I’ll help you. We'll start over and this time, we're gonna do it right … just click 'start over tutorial'"

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A guide here: Kapilands Guide: Each Building Deserves to get Paid

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