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Perenthia is a free, browser-based multiplayer adventure game where you take part in a living story which is currently under development. The Perenthia Alpha should be available for play soon. It set in a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. Perenthia offers progressive game play in an attempt to move away from the level treadmill and grind of typical games of the genre.

Perenthia is played in the browser using the Microsoft Silverlight plugin but does send information back and forth over the internet so an internet connection is required. Perenthia incorporates an in-game currency called Emblem that can be used to purchase special items, participate in events, purchase additional characters, etc. 

The general advancement and game play revolve around completing quests and tasks centered on the theme of the game. As your character progresses through the various levels the game play will change at set intervals. For instance, at your starting level of 1 you will have to kill monsters to complete quests and earn experience. At level 15 the kill monsters to gain experience to level to get better equipment changes to more specific tasks and will continue to change along these lines through out the game experience. 

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Races of Perenthia

There are four playable races in Perenthia, each with their own history and qualities that benefit different aspects of game play.

  • Norvic: Battle is a way of life for the Norvic people, pushing their sons and daughters into war at an early age has fashioned an unparalleled warrior society.
  • Najii: Wandering from place to place and eventually settling in the desert mountains in the southern tip of the continent the Najii have accumulated an extensive knowledge of the landscape and terrain of Perenthia.
  • Peren: Considered the founders of the New Alliance and having given their name to the continent; the Peren continue to provide leadership to the free cities, striving to expand their reign and drive out the foul darkness that plagues the land.
  • Xhin: Arcane knowledge is said to have come from the Xhin and all the Great Wizards of the Golden Age where instructed by the Xhin. They are also recognized as the oldest race of Perenthia and are said to have lived on the continent long before the Wizards of the Golden Age came into power.

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A Character’s attributes provide the base difficulty for all skill tests. What this means for your Character is that when a skill test is performed by the game engine the attribute value is compared to the skill value to determine if the skill was successfully used before the difficulty of the action is applied.

There are eight attributes that are used to perform actions within the game world. These attributes are set upon Character creation and do not change.

Attributes are separated into two categories, physical and mental:
  • Physical: Strength,Dexterity,Stamina,Beauty.
  • Mental: Intelligence,Perception,Endurance,Affinity.

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Perenthia is a skills based game; wherein your Character may train skills in order to perform actions such as ride a horse, wear plate armor, use swords, etc. Attributes of your Character are used as a base difficulty for skill tests. What this means for you as a Character is that you can train any skill! If you wish to be a spell caster that can wear plate armor all that is required is to spend Skill Points in the Plate Armor skill along with Skill Points in the various magical skills.

Your Character is considered unskilled if the skill value is zero. Some items and actions only require that a skill be learned so spending at least one point in the skills that interest you would allow these items and actions to be used or performed.

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