ZeldereX Online: Create Massive Armies by Yourself

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ZeldereX Online

ZeldereX Online is a free multiplayer strategy browser game. Players assume the role of a great leader amongst one of the 5 races seeking to control the galaxy by any means necessary. You form your own path to achieve victory, whether it be through military might, economic development, player relations, precision strikes, or utilizing one of the many other endless possibilities available.

Over time, the races have been divided into many branches controlled by powerful figures. Now the races not only fight each other, but themselves as well. You are one of these powerful figures and have been placed on a planet that you must take control of. The problem is, you are not the only one there with the same goals in mind.

Using unique, highly customizable tools, you are able to create massive armies, develop your empire on a huge and dynamic world map, equip your army with different weapons and tools, develop new technologies and units through research, build unique components for your armies, create vastly customizable clans, build multiple bases to increase your dominion, create massive fortresses, and far more to achieve your goals.

This is one of the most immersive browser games of all time. Take a seat and hold on as you accelerate through the new ages and beyond! ZeldereX Online offers multiple worlds to play in. Choose the one that is best for you!

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Game Type

There are two different Game Types, Future and Classic. You can choose the game you are interested in playing.

The first type - ZeldereX Future (Recommended)


ZeldereX Future takes place 300 years after ZeldereX Classic. The great war has since expanded into space where you are sent to a planet with the mission to sieze total control over it for the planet's valuable resources and stategic position. The problem is, there are many other factions that want the same thing and you soon realize it is going to become far more difficult than you first anticipated.

Key Features

  • Construct over 60 types of land, air & hover units
  • Equip units with 90+ types of weaponry, shielding, & more
  • Colonize dozens of bases & send units/resources to them
  • Graphical exploration map for easy bird's eye views
  • Rewards given to winners of the rounds
  • Build over 20 buildings each with their own unique abilities
  • Research over 40 technologies
  • Advanced video/speech tutorial system for easy learning

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The second type - ZeldereX Classic


ZeldereX Classic takes place in the 21st century where you are a low class business man struggling to develop his own massive corporation that seeks world domination. As a low corporate figure, you had to cut many corners and engage in many illegal activities, but it will finally pay off. You are now ready to rise and destroy anyone that stands in your way.

Key Features

  • Train heroes that gain experience on the battlefield
  • Equip individual heroes with 24 types of weaponry
  • Build 10 different types of sieges and fortifications
  • Construct over 15 kinds of vehicles for transportation
  • Instant attacking for adrenaline rushing battles
  • Build 15+ buildings each with their own unique abilities
  • Research over 30 technologies
  • Advanced speech tutorial system for easy learning

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Here is ZeldereX Online Guide: Getting Started

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