Rogue Vampires: Convert as Many Humans as You Can

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Rogue Vampires

The Rogue Vampires is a browser game where you play a vampire set in a fantasy world. Rogue Vampires is where to succeed you're required to train hard and convert as many humans as you can. You can either spend all day in the gym training to beat your enemies, either inside or outside the Battle Ladder, or join a Covenant and work as a team destroying others to be a part of the best around. Be a merciless hitman, compete for #1 in the hall of fame, learn the market to earn money. Start a deadly Vampire House and spread fear all around you or simply just train so that you one day can be the most powerful Vampire out there.

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  • Energy: You can use your energy for training. You get 5 energy every 15 minutes unless you are a donator, then you will receive 5 energy every 10 minutes. You are able to use energy for training your battle stats, attend lessons at VALA or attacking players (30 energy).
  • Courage: Courage is used to do converts. Harder converts will use up more of your bar, but gain you more cash as a result. You gain 1 courage every 5 minutes.
  • Mood: The better your mood is, the more stat points you will gain per one set while training. The length of the mood bar depends on the coffin that you own for example if you own a wooden coffin you will have a higher mood bar than if you have a cramped coffin.
  • Blood: If you reach at least 200 in blood, you can exchange it for a full energy bar at the Safehouse in Town. You get blood points from various RV activities like rescues, voting, finishing VALA courses, etc.
  • Accuracy: Gives you more chance to hit your opponent.
  • Strength: Makes you inflict more damage on the opponent.
  • Defence: Makes your opponent inflict less damage on you.
  • Agility: The higher agility you have the higher your chance of dodging an opponents attack is.

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There are currently 10 types of converting. The easiest using 1 courage; however this will gain you least experience and money, when starting you are strongly advised to do this one until the annoying bold writing disappears. When you fail to complete a convert you will have one of three outcomes. Firstly a sign will come up and say ‘you fail to find what you are looking for’ when this appears you will just go back to main page, secondly you could get put in house arrest for a certain amount time depending on the difficulty of the convert. For example you will be jailed for longer if you tried to convert a soldier rather than a teenager. And finally there is a possibility of going onto hospital, again the time would depend on the difficulty of the convert.


Searching is a vital part of the game. Initially you may only search the graveyard, but as you progress in the game you will have other options opened up to you to have different outcomes.

You choose your search area, and wait to see what your result is. You may find potions, weapons, armour or even run into a local resident vampire who you will be forced into a fight with! Of course, that's just the basic items you are able to gain; at higher levels, you will find that your searches will become more and more rewarding.

You will get 25 free searches every day, and if that's not enough, and you have a bit of extra cash, you can always refill that 25 searches using 25 points. Take your chances of good and bad outcomes, and long term you will find yourself better off.


VALA is short for Vampire Association Learning Academy. This is where the Vampire Association give you the opportunity to train yourself with various skills to help improve you as a vampire. You can start up to 3 courses at any one time, and attend each course once an hour. The maximum number a day for one course is 12 but this can be raised to 18 if you spend points. Points will also raise your total from 18 a day to 24 a day. Each time you attend, it costs 5 Energy, but the outcomes are worthwhile for the effort in the long term.

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House Arrest

House Arrest is like the Hospital as you can't do much whilst in there either. To be sent to House Arrest you will either be caught by the groundskeeper, fail certain conversions or if you fail to rescue someone from House Arrest. Rescuing players out of House Arrest will cost you 10 Energy pass or fail unless you have a Rescue Ticket.


When in Hospital you will not be able to do anything until your Time Left in the hospital runs out. You can decrease your hospital time with Healing Potions which can be found by Searching or you can buy them from the Item Market from other players.

Battle Ladder

The battle ladder is where your hard work training your stats can be shown off! The ladder is split up into 5 leagues, and runs each week, from Monday to Monday. When you join each week, you will be placed into the league most suitable for your stats. Unlike normal attacking, which use 30 energy, when you attack in the league, you will only use 20, and your weapon damage will be less than half of normal fights.

The winner of each fight will be attributed a score for winning, depending upon each players current score. By default, if both players scores are level, you will earn 25 points, if you have more score than them, you will gain less than this, and vice-versa.

At the end of the week, you will be awarded a payout for your participation, and if you've performed worthy enough and end up in the top 3, you will also receive an award. If you are ready for soldier league or above you have the choice of the Undead Thunder League that gives cash rewards instead of point ones.

Here is Rogue Vampires Guide: Armour / Weapon Set Guide

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