Dolumar: Your Quest for the World Domination:

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Game Title: Dolumar
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Warfare
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtimes
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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The Dolumar is in Open Beta now. It has an open beta server here. The first stable version will be released in the first quarter of 2009.

Dolumar is a PBBG, a persistent browser based game. This means that this is a game that you play within your web browser and it keeps going even when you're not online. The game goes on, even while you're sleeping. The developer wants to create a strategic game that comes as close to the traditional PC games as possible. They have addapted their own web technology to makes it feels like that you are playing a traditional strategy game like Age of Empires, Warcraft and many others.

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Create your own powerful kingdom in this vast, colorful, and fully explorable virtual World! You will be entrusted with a small village, albeit with huge potential. From the moment you are given this tiny piece of land, you are on your own! It will be tough from the get-go. The resources will be scarce, your enemies will be ruthless as they try to take you down, but never fear!

With every friend who chooses to stand beside you, the enemy will think twice before engaging you into battle. With every farm, gold mine, lumber yard, or anything else you construct, your kingdom will get stronger, richer, and more formidable than ever before. You will expand your tiny village over massive territories. You will develop new technologies, learn new crafts, build strong economy, train powerful army to protect you, and to conquer the alien lands, in the quest for the World domination!

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  • Town Centre: Most important building in the town. If you can upgrade this building, you'll get more builders and more space to build buildings in. You can explore in here for more runes.
  • Silo: this is the building that keeps your resources. So, the more Silos, you have the more resources you can keep.
  • Farm: The more you build of these,the more grain you produce each hour. If You place it next to (not on top of it) a haystack,you'll produce even more grain.

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To earn resources, you need to build specific buildings. You can build these buildings anywhere you want, but some locations hold a special bonus.
  • Grain is produced in a Farm
  • Stone is produced in a Stone Mine
  • Wood is produced in a Lumber Camp
  • Iron is produced in an Iron Mine
  • Gems are produced in a Gem Mine
You can obtain Gold by building markets.

While buildings produce resources wherever they are built, some locations offer a special bonus. Build your building close to such an area to get an increased income. For example: Build a lumber camp close to a tree to gain more wood. Build a stone mine close to stone to gain more income.

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