RoboWars: Robots Made for War

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Game Title: RoboWars
Genre: RPG
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Robots
Period: Future
Time Units: Points
Fee: Free
Official Site: Click here
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RoboWars is a free browser based online RPG. Create a Robot, and lead it into battle against over 20,000 other Robots. Earn money, buy weapons, join a squad, there are so many options. Create, plan, strategize and dominate, it's up to you!

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The Story

The year was 2122 when World War 10 erupted. Over 325 Nuclear Missiles were launched altogether in a week period destroying most of all life on Earth's Crust. The country now known as Robotica knew this day would come, so they have developed underground bunkers to survive in.

Another War was just a matter of time away, just no one knew how, or when. Everyone has lost the war, the war that killed millions of people, animals and vegetation in weeks. Anything that remained had later died from a nuclear winter or radiation poisoning months and years after. No civilization had the Man Power to start another war, let alone reach the surface; Not yet anyways.

In 2127 Robotica has developed thousands of human controlled robots. These robots could survive on the radiated Earth, and in water. With the advanced technology, these robots had capabilities of almost anything. Big John, our weapons expert says " These robots are capable of carrying hundreds of different items and weapons with ease! " It was only time before thousands of robots would be roaming earth looking for signs of life. Everyone knew if they could find a spot on earth that can support life, they could then easily be on top of the world once again.

But unfortunately no country has had success yet, and are still developing robots with better technology. Robots that can blow 20 foot craters, Robots... Made for War. . .

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There are numerous sections in the game that allow you to do a variety of tasks. In RoboWars you will encounter everything from purchasing items, bartering with other players, battling, or even becoming a leader and creating your own squad.

* Ancient Wall - The Ancient Wall will convert 3 objects or gems into a single, better object or gem.
* Armor Outpost - The Armor Outpost is where you can purchase your armor items.
* Armory - The armory can equip your weapons and armor or allow you to view your inventory.
* Battle Arena - Pick your opponents and begin to wage war at the battle arena.
* Bunker - Your primary starting location when logging in. It will display stats and daily activities.
* Mechanic - The Mechanic is where you heal your character.
* Pawn Shop - Sell your weapons, armor, gems, and objects back to the game.
* Scrap Yard - The scrap yard allows your to exchange scraps into cash or diamonds.
* Squad Zone - View squads or be a leader and create your own.
* Training - Training is where you increase your robots Strength, Agility and Endurance.
* Weapon Shop - The Weapon Shop allows you to purchase numerous weapons for your character.

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The Game Terrain is the large graphic at the top of RoboWars which allows you to find hundreds of different items. Common objects and items found in the Terrain are generally used as income and can be pawned at the pawn shop. Items found using the Terrain can range from very common to being extremely rare.

The Squad Zone

The Squad Zone is a place where players can join a group / clan / guild and work together to make things easier. Being in a good Squad gives you an advantage to playing the game. It is not required to be in a Squad, however, it is recommended if you would like to take advantage of what the Squad has to offer. Mechanic Coverage Given that your Squad is well funded you will be able to charge your Squad for repairs rather than pay for them yourself. The Squad obtains Cash to cover these fees by fellow Squad members who donate to the Squad. The others, when you are in a Squad, the Squad leader may tax experience from your battles. This EXP tax allows the Squad itself to level up. You can check your Squads current exp tax by visiting your Squad. Battle, Support Squads may also provide additional benefits such as custom scrap bots, qotd answers, leveling support and a Squad chat room.

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