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We are pleased to announce the establishment of BBGsite Reviewer Team and we sincerely invite you to join and become a BBGsite Reviewer.

What is BBGsite?

BBGsite is a browser based game portal committed to providing the latest and most comprehensive browser game information for browser game fans.

What is BBGsite Reviewer Team?

BBGsite Reviewer Team is a player group dedicated to contributing excellent browser game reviews based on their in-game experiences. BBGsite Reviewer Team is an ideal platform for browser game players to share their in-game experiences, help other players choose the right game.

What we require from reviewers?

1. Love browser games and take pleasure in sharing game experiences with others;
2. Experienced in playing browser games and good at writing;
3. Take an objective view on every game they review.

What reviewers have to do?

1. Participate in beta test and offer a quality review at the end of beta test;
2. Write reviews as required by BBGsite;
3. Other.

Benefits for Reviewers

1. Play various browser games first hand;
2. Get a unique forum badge;
3. If any review is approved by BBGsite, it will be posted on BBGsite homepage and Games main page. In addition, we will recommend it to other websites;
4. The author will receive a cash reward from BBGsite for every review which is published on BBGsite;
5. A special area on the Review page to showcase excellent reviewers.

* BBGsite will make payment on the basis of 50 dollars. If the amount is over 50 dollars, the excessive amount will be included in the next payment of 50 dollars. You also need a paypal account to receive our cash reward.

* BBGsite is a newly established website. If you join BBGsite Reviewer Team now, when you become a Novice Reviewer, you’ll be granted BBGsite Pioneer title as well, indicating that you joined BBGsite at the very beginning of its establishment. The title will not be available after Feb. 28th 2009.

How to join?

You need to register an account at BBGsite Forum and make an application through sending an E-mail to We will reply you within 3 days.

NOTE: Please include the following information in your application (Items marked with an asterisk “*” are required):

*Forum ID
*Experience in playing browser games

Please NOTE:

1. Articles submitted by reviewers must be original and BBGsite must the first place where the articles are published;
2. Copyright on the articles is owned by its author and BBGsite. If any media reprints any review from BBGsite, it must be marked as “This article was originally published on”.
3. BBGsite has the right to reprint and appropriately modify reviews.
4. The author has the right to revise his/her review upon giving prior notice to BBGsite.
5. If any review is used for commercial purpose, for example published by a game magazine, all the income shall be owned by its author.

More details here: BBGsite Reviewer Team Rules
Or visit our Reviewer Camp: Reviewer Camp

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