Hitman's Life: Experience The Life Of A Hitman

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Hitman's Life

Hitman's Life is a Free MMORPGM game, you can sign up today and experience the life of a hitman while working your way through the ranks of "The Company" to become the greatest Hitman.

You have the ability to be a leader and create your own hitman company to drive to the top or can equally join other companies to help build an unstoppable empire. Perform Hitjobs, collect cash and purchase weapons along the way of attacking your enemies to help build up respect. Hitman's Life is an online game that requires no download to play, all you need is a browser to play this MMORPG Game.

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The Story Of The Hitman

I remember my first kill; the rush of adrenaline pumping through my body, every muscle bursting with heat. As I pulled the trigger of my 9mm and watched the bullet soar towards the opposite side of the room nesting in the victim’s neck I felt nothing; No sorrow for taking a life and no Joy for the thousands I had just made. One shot kill, just how I was trained. That was the easy part; the hard part is getting away with it.

Retracing my steps I cleaned everything I touched and when I got outside I walked at a steady but quick pace and got into my car, not an expensive car but not a tin can either, just right as to fit in with the neighbourhood. Back to the hotel and onto the next step, clean my weapons and make sure they are in working order; one wrong shot could cost my own life. I had my tickets and my guns packed, all that was left was to walk out of the hotel and get on the train, that was easy, just don’t make eye contact and don’t get noticed.

Some of my contacts advised me to come to Boston, they said there I could find a lot of business, a lot of victims, a lot of deaths. I took that advice, here I am. Downtown Boston, Everyday is an adventure, this is the heroin of the action junkies. My guns are cleaned, my suit is ironed and my conscience, well, I never had one. I am Hitman. I choose my own path. This is my life; this is Hitmans Life.

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Shops: Here you can buy everything from med supplies, to weapons to make your enemy need meds.
Item Market: You can go and see what people are selling here.
Points Market: Come here to buy or sell points.
Travel Agency: This will bring you to new towns with different equipment, keep in mind you can only fight someone in your town.
Estate Agent: Go here to buy yourself a new house.
City Bank: Here you can deposit your money. You must first open an account for 50K, and pay a fee for depositing.
Companies: See a list of all the companies in Hitman's Life.
Gang Wars: A list of all current wars between gangs.
Federal Jail: Where all the suspected cheaters on the game go.
Slot Machines: Go here to make your fortune, or lose your shirt.
User List: Shows a list of all the players on the game.
HL Staff: A list of all the staff on Hitman's Life.
Hall of Fame: Shows the top players in various fields.
Stats: A list of various statistics about the game.
Users Online: Shows which players have acted last.
Points Shop: Trade your points for various things.

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