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Game Title: Call of the Kings: The Mirror Black
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D
Status: Close Beta
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtimes
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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The Call of the Kings is an exciting graphical strategy browser game from Gamalocus, it's closed Beta Test has started! They are seeking more players for the next phase of beta testing! If you are interested in it, you can submit you email here.

Set in a world of medieval high fantasy, Call of the Kings takes place in the old Empire of Khadoria and on the surrounding frontier continents. Noble houses wage war for control of the Emperor’s throne in the shadow of his death. Players can recruit and take control of mighty dragons to help their armies in the continued struggles of war. Players can also build flying citadels to carry their armies swiftly into enemy territories.

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Call of the Kings is a Real Time Strategy game that focuses on Player vs Player combat. Unlike classic RTS games the RTS element is applied to army movement, espionage, diplomacy and estate improvement and not tactical troop movements and resource gathering. You might say that the game style is closer to computer games like Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic and board games like Stratego and Junta than RTS games like Command and Conquer or Warcraft.

The gaming sessions in the release version of the game consist of two distinct types. The player has the main family of his noble house engaged in the Khadorian Empire where the game flow spans over 3-5 months and thousands of players participate. A few 5 minute logins per day to update your estate, move armies and cast votes on global politics will be sufficient to sustain your influence on the game outcome. In the meantime and when you have the time to spare, you can send distantly related families of your noble house into the colonial frontiers where the game sessions will keep you occupied for 1-5 hours of swift strategic warfare against 6-100 other players.

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The First Beta will only include the fast paced colonial Frontiers and not the slow paced Khadorian Empire.

There is as much or as little roleplaying as you wish to make of it. The world is rich in politics, intrigue and subterfuge and it supports many different play styles. Even the small players can win if they are part of the kingdom that completes one of the endgame victory conditions. Ultimate territorial domination is not the only goal of the game. There are several subgoals that will earn you victory points for the family. That includes such things as having the most underground headquarters, the most trade routes, the largest navy, destroying most dungeons etc. There are also plenty of opportunities to improve your family and customize your heroes as they gain experience, new abilities, magic laws and enchanted items.

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There are 6 classic fantasy races that all hold influence in the Imperial Council. This includes the human Anglian and Sahel cultures. The Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Goblinoids. The players will be able to pick race specific house names and hero names from auto generated lists. The main differences of the races are the available elite troops. A noble house may include families of different races.


All families of a noble house have a heritage. When a family has gained a certain amount of victory points the player may select one of 10 heritages for the family. These heritages span from Crime Lords, Diplomats and Merchants to Technicians and Mystics. The heritage determines how well a family can perform in most aspects of the game. The family heroes are capable of moving armies, extorting taxes from the peasants, fighting in battles and using magic. All heroes have professions ranging from barbarians, wizards and priests to tacticians and assassins.

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The requirements for the Call of the Kings Beta Test are:

- 3D enabled graphics card. Geforce4+ equivalent or better
- Linux, Mac or Windows 98 or newer.
- Monitor capable of 16 bit color at 1024 x 768
- Java
- 200mb free hard drive space

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