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Legends Of Hope Game Title: Legends Of Hope
Genre: RPG
Status: Development
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Unknown
Official Site: Click here
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Legends of Hope is a brand new browser based game in development and wishes to release in Q1 2009. At least 90% of the games content will be generated by player interactions with the world, such as discovering new types of flowers, discovering new weapons by deviating from crafting plans. You will even be able to discover new dungeons and whole new continents simply by exploring the lands.

The core features dynamic content, which means all major land masses and items will be created dynamically as players discover new content. This will make for not only a unique gaming experience but also an amazing amount of content.

For example:

All items will be based on several unique properties such as size, shape, color and effect by combining these attributes it is possible to create thousands of unique variations of one item.

Each area in the game will be designated private or public, private areas will be for individual players to explore and access and public areas will be towns and other areas where you can interact with other players and trade etc ....

No levels?
The plan is to have no levels but instead your character progress will be based on your skills and the amount of discoveries you have made in the world.

Professions or not?
As the game is skill based you will be able to pick your starting skills or use an existing template, because of this there will be no true professions instead your character will be based on the skills you picked and therefore exactly what you wanted!


- Awesome 2d sprite artwork,

- Skill based character development,

- Dynamic content including:

  • New realms
  • Magic
  • Items
  • Craftables
    - Much much more....

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