Discarded Online: Beat-em-up!

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Discarded Online

Discarded is a mix of beat-em-up, RPG, and card game where the action is king rather than the grind. Team up with your buddies to take on the twisted denizens of Podunk. The brutish Athletes, twisted masters of Mischief, and the sly Scientists are your allies as you battle evil Foxdrops, rampaging LARPers or the malfunctioning Farm Hand Luke robots.

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Card Collecting Aspects

Your character isn't defined by some destined class path or progression. He or she will gain all of their powers based on the cards you have equipped. There are many different card types: weapons, abilities, modifiers, and many types of clothing and accessories.

Equipping Cards

As your character progresses through the game he will earn credits that can be assigned to the three different schools: Athletics, Science, and Mischief. You can redistributed your credit allocations amongst the different schools at any time. Equipping a card will use up credits from the different schools, depending on its equipping requirements.

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Clothing Cards

In Discarded, feel free to wear or look however you want. Everyone should be free to dress the way they want to dress. We're tired of playing other games where everyone wears the Elfling Suit of Awesome Dark Power Armor just because it is the best armor for Elfings. We want you to be able to express your individuality so we removed every possible barrier. If you find it and like it, you should be able to wear it. It's that simple.

The Beat-em-up Aspects

During missions, your character will need to accomplish an objective while being assaulted from all directions by enemies. Some of them are cute, and easy to kill. Others have teeth and are less easy to kill because they will use their teeth to try and stop you. You need to use your weapon cards, ability cards, and guarding effectively to defeat them.

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Attack Types

You can use either a light attack or a heavy attack. Each weapon comes equipped with combos that you can perform by stringing together light and heavy attacks. Not only do combo attacks become more powerful, they are also faster and cooler looking. Some abilities give you special attacks that do a lot of damage and look even cooler.

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You can find this game at http://discarded.gamedozer.com/.

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