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Bootleggers is a browser-based, multiplayer game set during the 1930s Prohibition era in the United States. As a player, you take on the role of a small time gangster during this era. Your first interactions with the game will be pitiful crimes such as pick pocketing. As you progress, you will be able to steal cars, transport large quantities of booze, and even participate in organized crimes.

To rank up, simply interact with the game. Some ways to interact with the game are by robbing banks, transporting booze, and completing missions. These will not only help with your rank, but also with your wealth status.

Although the basic goal of the game is to reach the top of the ranks with a large sum of money, this is not the only goal. Many people still wish to reach social goals (such as owning and/or being apart of a crew) as well as reaching even higher ranks (such as becoming a State or Nation Don). All you were given was $500 upon completion of registration. Anything else you wish to obtain will be up to you to accomplish.

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After having your money in the bank for 24 hours, you will automatically receive 3% back. The money and interest will automatically be added to your account and removed from the bank after 24 hours. Money in the bank is completely safe.


A booze run is a route in which you travel to various states while buying and selling booze, and generally finishing in the same state where you started in. During your route, you will buy booze at a cheap price and resell it at a higher price as you travel.

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If the factory is currently producing, bullets will be released every hour. If the bullet factory is currently owned by another player, you will need to negotiate with the owner and purchase it from him or her using money, points, or other goods/services. To avoid being scammed, use the Escrow feature. If the factory is not owned by another player, the property will be black on the States page. To purchase it, simply travel to the state where it is located in, and go to the Bullets page.


You can attempt a crime once every 2 minutes. Simply keep attempting to commit a crime. Even if you fail, your chances will go up. The more serious crimes are at the top of the list. They offer the most reward, but take the most time to advance in.

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