Queosia: One Of Hungary's Biggest Online Strategy Game:

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Game Title: Queosia
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Queosia is Hungary's biggest online strategy game now in English! Travel back in time to a medieval era, where the fate of an entire country depends on your decisions. Would you be good at war, magic, thievery, diplomacy? Try it, and make your country the strongest!

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Queosia is a web-based online multiplayer strategy game, offering players the chance to play against real players, not just a computer with a pre-designed scenario. Players can choose their own strategies, and easily make friends or enemies. The game provides thousands of hours of entertainment, Queosia is a long-term game, not a sit-play-win type.

Group system

Everyone wants to rule the lands and be the wealthiest, strongest leader. Small groups are formed to allow you to prove who the best leader is. When you are ready, you can level up and face a group of better players. Even there you need to prove yourself, and level up to face even better players!

The system is set up like a pyramid. Everyone starts from the bottom, where players are divided into several groups. Only the very best players can reach the top of this pyramid, and be able to play in the 1/A group.


As you advance up the pyramid, fewer and fewer groups are available, and you face bigger and bigger challenges.

On the top level, you may even win the title of "Best player", and be displayed to every player of the game. Of course, it is not enough to get this title, you also need to be able to keep it...

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In Queosia, your country's individuality depends on lots of things, like your strategy, experience; your country's background, race and neighbourhood. Personalities offer you one more way to develop your country the way you like.

Merchant: Masters of gold. They can protect and circulate their money extremely well.
Thief: The thieves of countries with this personality recover faster. +1% regeneration in every round.
Mage: The mages of countries with this personality recover faster. +1% regeneration in every round.
Warrior: In battles they get more land and more loot.
General: They have 1 more general who can lead one more troop to war or with the other generals combined, can make the troops even stronger.
Wanderer: These countries can go long distances at great speed.
Farmer: Men of lands.
Sage: They write scrolls 10% cheaper and in their sciences the maximum value is 5% higher than normal, except for the area of housing, where no bonus is added.
Survivor: They have extra vital force.

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There are 8 different races ( Elf、Orc、Half-elf、 Dwarf、Gnome、Giant、Undead、Human )in the game, all stand for various playing styles. Each of them has benefits and drawbacks, how far you can take advantage of the race that you choose, is up to you. Before you choose a race for your country, think about what you wish to do, what your strategy will be, and choose the most suitable for you. Once the race is chosen, it can only be changed when you level up or restart your country.

Wap Access

Using an inexpensive, wap-enabled telephone, players can now access most in-game modules, letting them reach all communication features, all fighting, wizardry and thievery modules, even letting people set emergency vacation mode, in case something happens to their computer, leaving them without an Internet-connection for a longer period of time.

You can find this game at http://queosia.com/

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