The Mafia Underground: A Mafia Based Game

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The Mafia Underground

The Mafia Underground is a mafia based game in which you play the role of a Mafioso trying to make your way through the tough underground world of the Mafia. Many will try to stop you and make you give in but you will need to fight by any means possible to get to the top. Join a gang for protection and work your way up the ranks.

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Give it a go, but there is always strength in numbers. You will need to know who you can trust and who you can't. Fight for supremacy of a city or even a country and make your mark on the world of the mafia. Race cars, fight and race dogs, battle with other mobsters, make money, earn respect. These are the ways of the mafia and these are the ways of The Mafia Underground.

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The game

  • Pets: Train and Leash them to help you attack
  • Nuke Bombs: Nuke 10 people Online/Offline and get the EXP
  • Heat Seeker Missles: Hit 10 Online Players and get the EXP
  • Mechanics: Hire them to work on your car, Speed/Handling/Acceleration
  • Golden Ticket Lottery: Most of the time win 30k Points/80Gig IPOD
  • Horse Racing: Buy stocks in your Horse
  • Mug Protectors: 24HR Mug Free
  • Guardian Protectors: 24HR NO HITS ON YOU
  • Schooling: Gain IQ/Get more for your training
  • Gang Housing: Get up to 25% more training for being in a gang with housing

The Mafia Underground Screenshot
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Think you can manage on your own? If you are interested in it, you can enter it by clicking here.

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