Londinivm: Offers a Unique Energy System

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Londinivm is a free browser based online game, with hundreds of hours of gameplay available. Choose your destiny! Train your character, fight immense battles with NPC's and other players, craft and sell equipment, work for money, and gain experience in many non-combat skills. Join a tribe or alliance to gain friends and work together to become the best in the game! Explore the cities of Londinium, Cantium and Verulamium.

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  • Eight different player classes, each with different assets
  • Unique energy system
  • 8 different player skills
  • Over 50 unique weapons, ranged and melee
  • Over 50 different types of armour
  • Engaging quests
  • Player vs Player combat
  • Choose to play as much as you like
  • Tribes(guilds) with tribal wars
  • Active community
  • Play with thousands of others for free all day!

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Londinivm offers eight different player classes(Barbarian、Bard、Cleric、Fighter、Merchant、Monk、Ranger、Rogue), each with unique assets. Choose one and be on your way!

unique energy system

Londinivm also offers a unique energy system. Everything in the game requires energy: to battle opponents in the arena, thieve from other players, mine for tin or silver, smelt ore into bars, or forge bars into weapons. Energy regenerates at a rate of 3 every 15 minutes on World One, so if you run out, just rest a moment, and you will get more!


Choose to work on any of the eight available skills to make a name for yourself! Londinivm offers a diverse selection of skills, there is something for everyone.

The available skills are:

  • Mining
  • Smelting
  • Forging
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Thieving
  • Refining
  • Woodcutting
  • Fletching

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Raw materials

Londinivm offers a large collection of armour and weapons to create, trade, and fight with. You can produce weapons from raw materials.

The available raw materials in Londinivm are:

  • Tin
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Titanium
  • Four types of wood

Armour is split in to three types: Body, helmet and shield. Hand to hand weapons and ranged weapons are available.

Here is Londinivm Guide: New Player Advices for Londinivm

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