Rival Saga: Two Powerful Rivals. One Epic Journey

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Rival Saga

Rival Saga (Beta) is a FREE web Browser-based Flash Role-Playing Game (RPG), which means gamers from all over the world are FREE to play it anytime and anywhere as long as they have a PC with a Web Browser and Internet connection without downloading and installing any softwares. Rival Saga allows online gamers to complete quests with exciting adventures and to experience the world of Rival Saga where the journey continues for two powerful rivals or players.

Background Story

For ages, the people in the cities and settlements across the vast continent of JaJarp have lived in understanding and cooperation, honing their skills, propagating their resources and discovering new technology towards a mutual goal of prosperity and peace.

Then one day, the Lac stops flowing, and strange and suspicious events begin to unfold.

A World at the Brink of Chaos…
Slowly but surely, the continent of JaJarp falls into chaos. Cities are pitted against their sister cities and citizen turns against citizen as the fear of impending civil war casts a dark shadow across the land, all of them caught in the web of deceit and conflict masterminded by a mysterious figure called the Overlord.

An Evil Presence Looming Over the Horizon…
Evil, cunning and armed with might and magic, the Overlord watches the people of JaJarp fall apart from the sidelines. In concealment, he continues to sow the seeds of distrust and division, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and destroy.

The Fate of JaJarp Rests in Your Hands…
You, the player, are caught in this maelstrom of all that's happening in JaJarp. You must find a way to use the Orb of Destruction to bring the Overlord to his knees, redeem the people of JaJarp and restore peace throughout the land…or fail at the cost of your own life.

Player Classes

As a player of Rival Saga, you get to create your character from five different classes, depending on whether your character is male or female. These classes are: Knight, Ranger, Wizard, Berserker and Assassin for male characters and Paladin, Archer, Mage, Gladiator and Marauder for female characters.

Ranger/Archer Knight/Paladin Assassin/Marauder Wizard/Mage
"Deadly from a Distance" "The Holy Warrior" "The Silent Slayer" "The Arcane Artist"

Item Stash

Rival Saga will not be complete without a wide selection of items to equip, support and clothe your character. As you go through your journey, then, it is important for you to have your own stash of each of the five main items in the game, namely weapons, armor, food, drink and potions. Remember to be wise in your decisions for each item you choose has the power to make or break your performance.

Spells and Skills

As a character in Rival Saga, you get to choose from an expanding assortment of spells and skills, depending on your class – each of which can prove very valuable in surviving each battle, completing your quests and ultimately defeating the Overlord.

Aside from an arsenal of ingeniously crafted weapons, you have the ability to summon the mystical forces around you and cast magic spells, especially if you are a Wizard, Mage, Knight or Paladin. These spells can be used to vanquish enemies just as well as weapons can, and are especially useful during boss battles.


Each character class in Rival Saga is assigned a set of skills, which can spell the difference between defeat and victory during battle. These skills are classified into two main categories: active and passive skills.

Active skills are the skills which you need to activate in order to use them during battle or whenever deemed necessary. Using these skills will require sufficient Mana and Action Points. Active skills are further classified into three types of skills:

Passive skills are skills which can be used throughout the game and do not need to be activated. They also do not require Mana or Action Points, but are not as powerful as Active skills.

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Rival Saga boasts a horde of villains to catch you by surprise and keep you on your toes. From simple minions to ultra powerful bosses, the game's bad guys will challenge you to the very end.

The Overlord

Mysterious, cunning and a master of the dark powers, the Overlord is Rival Saga's toughest villain, and your supreme nemesis, with the rune sword and his ability to control minds as his toughest weapons. Not much is known about the Overlord's past or where he resides, although he is always seen on top of his massive Black Dragon. In order to restore peace to JaJarp, you must bring the Overlord to his knees by seeking out and using the legendary Orb of Destruction, but first, you must topple his formidable generals and eliminate his army of blood-thirsty minions.  


General Orda
One of the most trusted and most ruthless generals of the Overlord, General Orda is out not just to impress his master, but to reap glory for himself in his mission to invade and destroy the city of Hilsh and its neighboring towns.

Rock Giant
Armed with size and strength, the Rock Giant zealously watches over the stores of Palladium in the Forgotten Mines, which he claims to be rightfully his. He has also taken a dislike to humans ever since they destroyed the underground caves which he used to hibernate in when they were trying to channel the Lac into the cities.

Dragon Bird
The Dragon Bird is a winged, fire-breathing giant reptile with hard, almost scale-like feathers, and piercing claws which it uses to hunt prey. It is one of the Overlord's pets, hatched from an egg which he stole from a clan of ancient dragons and then assimilated with the dark powers.

"We wanted to give gaming fans all over the world an all-new fantastic experience. We hope they will enjoy all the hard work we put into the game, especially the visual effects and the exciting plot."

"We do have weekly updates on NEW maps, monster, armors, and exciting storyline. Suggestions from all of you are welcome, we keep improving the game regarding to your constructive comments. Thank you. "

Rival Saga Team

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