Realms of Mayhem: Travel from Copper Age:

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Game Title: Realms of Mayhem
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Realms of Mayhem is a Browser Based Massively Multiplayer Strategy Game, in which you control a realm from the beginning of Copper Age to the End of Age of Sail. During this time, you can build up your economy, research technologies, train soldiers, build ships, construct buildings and castles, form kingdoms, attack your enemies or besiege your enemies' castles.

Realms of Mayhem offers 69 military units, 68 technologies, 14 military masteries, extremely detailed battles and something no other browser based game can offer: real time sieges against castles between two or more Lords.

The depth and the detail of strategy in Realms of Mayhem give players many ways to achieve the ultimate goal: surviving the Mayhem at the end of the game and becoming one of the most powerful Lords.

You begin Realms of Mayhem as the Lord of a realm with a population of 10.000 people. Your goal is to become the most powerful realm in the world. In order to achieve this goal, you should fill your land with new buildings, research new technologies, produce resources and weapons and attack your enemies with your armies and fleets.

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Constructing a building requires resources and land. Land is the most important limitation of the game. It can be said that acquiring new land is priceless. That is because with more land, you can construct more buildings and with more buildings, you can have more of everything.

Buildings set your capacities for population, resources, military units, weapons, productions etc. Therefore with the limitation of land, it is very important to construct your buildings in an efficient way.

When you lose a battle in your realm, some of your buildings can be destructed. As in the city organizations, more important buildings are built at the center of your realm and because of this, some of the building types are less likely to be destroyed after the battles.

Attacking & Defending

Attacking other realms and defending your realm is the most important part of Realms of Mayhem. If you want to protect your land and acquire new land from others, you must have a strong army (and fleet after researching Ship Building).

There are lots of unit types in Realms of Mayhem, and each of them has different advantages & disadvantages. According to these, you should find your preferred units and produce them. Focusing on producing similar types of units is beneficial for military masteries.

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Through diplomacy, you can send messages to other Lords and you can change your relations with them.

Every Lord has a diplomacy rating. According to this rating, your people's morale can change by 10% and other Lords can see if you are a sneak attacker or not. Sneak attacks are attacks without declaring war. These attacks reduce your diplomacy rating, and the only way to increase your diplomacy rating is passing hundreds or thousands of turns.


Espionage is the alternative way of fighting against your enemies and knowing what is going on around you. Unless your spies are caught, you will not be noticed by your enemies during your spy operations. Due to this advantage, you can perform your spy operations even on your allies.

Spies can be offensive or defensive. They can protect your generals or admirals against assassinations, or they can assassinate enemy generals or admirals. So they can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes.

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