War of Empires: Six Different Races:

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Game Title: War of Empires
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Warfare
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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WAR OF EMPIRES is a free multiplayer online browser game in which members attack each other towards the goal of world domination. You start building your own medieval empire as a leader of unarmed peasants with only a tent for protection, and you fight your way through the top of the ranks.

Short and Sweet

  • Six different races
  • Four different resources
  • Nine military units
  • Nine non-military units
  • Four types of combat
  • Spying and scouting
  • Ten siege weapons
  • Twenty-three building types
  • Multiple strategies
  • Only one winner

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There are 6 different races in the game. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Humans -- Good resource producers but the worst fighters
  • Dwarves -- Good at defending but poor attackers
  • Elves -- Good at attacking and wood production, but poor defenders
  • Orcs -- Best at attacking, but poor resource production
  • Trolls -- Best at siege weapons and strong defender, but poor attacker
  • Gnoll -- Good at many things, but excels in nothing

Once you see the bonuses, you can choose a race that suits your style of play! If you're not too sure about your strategy as of now, you can choose humans, which have the simplest set of bonuses and penalties.

Train your peasants

Peasants are the essence of this game. They can be trained as workers to produce resources and gold for you. Or they can be trained as warriors to fight for you, siege engineers to use siege weapons, or spies or scouts to spy on your opponents. You are given 10 peasants to start with and receive an additional 1 peasant each new day.

War of Empires Screenshot
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Arm your Troops

You create your troops by equipping your peasants with weapons and armour on the Troops page. Each time you equip a peasant it costs a certain amount of gold and resources. You can initially produce only a limited type of warriors, but as you upgrade your buildings, you enable the production of various types of warriors (footmen, archers and cavalry) and with an increased level (more attack and defence strength). It is always a good idea to have the strongest troops possible fighting in your army.

Attack others

Probably the most used link by the players of the game, attacking is how you survive in the game.

There are 6 modes of attack:
  • Castle attacks - where an attacker's troops storm the walls of a defender and try to steal gold
  • Raids - where an attacker's troops swoop down on a defender's fields, mines, woodlots, etc and try to plunders resources
  • Revenge attacks - where an attacker's troops ignore any rank unfairness or surrendering by the defender and they attempt to kill off the defender's troops because of a past transgression
  • Kill Population - where an attacker tries to kill another user's peasants
  • Bombard - where an attacker tries to demolish another user's buildings
  • GO Attack - used at the end of the game when the strongest players battle it out for victory

War of Empires Screenshot
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Build improvements

Once you are victorious in combat, you can start to build improvements to your empire. There are 6 types of improvements you can build:
  • Defences -- protect you against attacks from others
  • Production buildings -- Increase resource production.
  • Storage buildings -- Allows you to store resources so they don't get stolen
  • Housing -- Provides housing for your workers and troops. Without enough housing, your population won't grow.
  • Military buildings -- Allows new combat units, new siege weapons, and improved abilities for your troops.
  • Specialty buildings -- Allows research, market sales, spy attacks, and scout attacks.

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