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Game Title: Mythos
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: Text With Graphics
Status: Final
Theme: Mythos
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Points
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Mythos is a completely free multiplayer online strategy game based around Greek Mythology. Choose your favorite of the 12 Olympian Gods for your settlement to worship and select one of four hero classes to lead you in battle. Gather resources, level up your hero, train military forces, steal resources from your enemies, and then crush them in battle.

Mythos is a free game that is played right in your browser, which means that you can quickly log in to play from anywhere, even work or school. No software needs to be downloaded and no spyware is contained within the game. Best of all, registration is free and takes only a minute or two, so you can be playing in no time!

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Every account is represented in-game as a settlement, which has land, resources, buildings, military troops, etc. Each settlement is a member of a kingdom, which is a group of settlements that are allied together. Your settlement name is your primary means of identification within the game.

How Things Work

Resource production and gathering, military training, building construction, and just about everything else occur every hour, on the hour, whether you are logged into your account or not. If you order construction of buildings (which takes 12 hours), then when you log in 12 hours later, they will be there, whether or not you logged in while they were being constructed. Different actions take different amounts of time, and you can receive many upgrades to make these amounts of time shorter.


Getting the most land is the ultimate goal of Mythos. With more land come more villagers and buildings, and with more villagers and buildings come greater military strength and income. Every piece of land can have one building on it (note that pieces of land are often referred to as acres of land by players of Mythos). There are three ways to gain land in Mythos: attacking another settlement and conquering some of their land, exploring new land, and taking your daily land bonus.

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There are five resources(Drachmae,lumber, iron ore, food and Skill Points) in the world of Mythos, each of which is very important in helping your settlement grow. Three of these resources (lumber, iron ore and food) can be retrieved by sending villagers out to gather them. Villagers that are out gathering resources will return with a small amount of their respective resource every hour.


Villagers live in homes, which are buildings that can be built on the construction page. All other buildings house a few villagers too, but not nearly as many. If your settlement ever has less villagers than its buildings can hold (for example, if you just explored some land, which costs villagers), then your number of villagers will gradually increase until your settlement is fully populated. All buildings other than homes provide jobs for your villagers. Villagers can be trained into military troops, and they can also be sent to gather resources for your settlement.

Employed villagers - Villagers who you have not trained into military troops nor sent to gather resources, and are working in a building in your settlement. Every employed villager pays 5 drachmae to you every hour in taxes.

Unemployed villagers - Villagers who you have not trained into military troops nor sent to gather resources, but who are not working in a building in your settlement. Unemployed villagers provide no benefits to you whatsoever. As long as you have enough jobs available in your settlement to employ all of your non-military, non-gathering villagers, all of your villagers will be employed.

Gathering villagers - Villagers that are out gathering resources for your settlement. Subdivided into the categories of forestry villagers, mining villagers, and hunting villagers to describe villagers who are gathering lumber, iron ore and food respectively.

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Mythos is a game that is played in ages, which means that the game runs for a given period of time, then starts all over again. Every age of Mythos lasts for 40 days, and the name and schedule of the current age is always displayed on the Mythos Homepage. After an age ends, the rankings for that age are recorded in the Elysian Fields, and then registration for the following age opens 24 hours later.

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