Legends of Elveron: Struggle to Constitute a Realm

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Legends of Elveron

Legends of Elveron is a free online web based war game. Legends of Elveron the unique free online strategy game where you strive to become a legend yourself! Join either the forces of good or evil, choose between 12 different fantasy races. Pick one of 6 unique faiths all linked to the various races. Each race offers different opportunities to rise to the top. Fight alongside your friends, against your enemies, bringing glory and fame to your kingdom. Find heroes who join your cause and lead your armies!

You create a kingdom and govern it in an attempt to grow faster than the others. Those who has been successful in this in the past can be seen in the Archive section. To aid you in this quest are up to 9 other players, whose kingdoms together with yours constitute a realm.Your land in Legends is divided into called acres. On each acre, you can build a Building that helps your kingdom in some way or other. These are built on different kinds of Land.

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Your kingdom is populated by peasants and military forces. Whatever space isn't taken up by your military forces , are used by the peasants. The peasants create gold, the main resource of Legends.The military forces you can train, depend on what race you have chosen. The races are separated into two alignments, known as good and evil. All kingdoms in the realm will be of the same alignment. To each alignment, there are three faiths. These provide a bonus for attacks versus the faiths of the other alignment. The alignment is chosen by vote in your realm.

You get bonuses from investing resources into improvements. There are improvements just for yourself (kingdom improvements) and improvements you share with your fellow kingdoms in the realm (realm improvements).

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Obtain Immortality

Every winner of the land ranking has their chance to design and add their very own unique hero to the game! It is also easy to suggest improvements and changes in the suggestions forum. The Legends of Elveron administration listens to player suggestions!

Active Cheater Detection and Elimination

Alliances, Multis and Cheaters are not welcome in Legends of Elveron. Automated and manual cheat detection systems keep multis and cheaters at a minimum! All this so that you can enjoy a cheater free strategy game.

Extensive Historical Database

Legends of Elveron keeps detailed records of your kingdom's growth -- this differs from most online games. Access your kingdom history one -- three -- or even maybe 10 rounds from now! Please have a look in the archive.

Totally Free Game

Legends of Elveron is a totally free strategy game played through your web browser. No downloads are required. The best of all is that there are no pop-ups, no auto-installs and very few standard, yet non intrusive, banners in the game.

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Here is Legends of Elveron Guide: Understanding Your Economy

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