Land of Destiny: Will Be Released on Next Friday:

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Game Title: Land of Destiny
Genre: Strategy
Graphics: 2D
Status: Close Beta
Theme: warfare
Period: Medieval
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts
Official Site: Click here
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Land of Destiny is a massive multiplayer online browser game which is free to play! After an extensive testing period, the game is ready to be launched. It will be released on friday 19 december 19:00 (GMT+1).

You control your own village and together with your friends you can take over whole areas.The main objective in the game is to expand your kingdom and become the most powerfull hero. The game uses an advanced production system, for example you have to gather coal and iron ore which can be melted into iron. After that you can use the iron in combination with wood to produce tools. LoD is not just a browser game with only RTS aspects but you can also play as a hero and fight in the arena or do quests. Thats makes LoD both a role playing game (MMORPG) and a real time strategy (RTS) game which you can play for free online! You only need an internet connection together with your favorite browser to get started!

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How To Begin

The goal for each player in each game is: "To Be The Best". But, to be the best, you will need to do something, and to do something, you will need something. That "Something" in this game is called "Resources". To construct a building, you will need resources. To recruit a soldier, you will need resources. To research a research, you will need resources. To win, you will need resources. Resources are very important in the game, and to get resources, you will need to build resource-buildings.

There are different resources in the game, the most important ones are:

- Planks
- Stone
- Iron
- Food

But to get most of those resources, you will need resources, and for those resources you will need resources too. Because:

To get planks, you will need wood and a sawmill.
To get wood, you will need a woodcutter.
To get a woodcutter, you will need resources. So the game is all about resources.

Land of Destiny Screenshot
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My First Resources

Let's start getting food in your village. Food is one of the most important resources, because food is needed to feed your villagers, guards and armies. To get food, you should upgrade your Hunter to Level 1. The hunter can be found at the left of the page, and left top, you will see 3 trees there, and if you click on one of them, you will be able to construct the building. But for that, you will need workers, so get back to your mainbuilding which is in the middle of your village, and click on the "5" in the middle.

Base Food Production

Each higher base food production lets you build more buildings and upgrade your population. 20 levels can give you 20 population, but in those 20 levels you need to make sure you have got a higher base food production, because you can't have more population then your base food production.

This Is The Order To Build

- Hunter 1
- Woodcutter 1
- Woodcutter 1
- Sawmill 1
- Quarry 1
- Woodcutter 2
- Quarry 2

Land of Destiny Screenshot
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