Alien Adoption Agency: Please Adopt the Alien

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Alien Adoption Agency

Alien Adoption Agency is a unique online battle simulation/strategy browser based game with a Roleplaying setting, in which you adopt and train an alien, and have it fight its way to the top.

The AAA, as players commonly call it, is a massive on-line game and community, which has been running since 1997. The basic goal of the Alien Adoption Agency is to help your alien grow to be powerful. You accomplish this goal by collecting credits (the game's currency), purchasing items and weapons, and working out in the gym.

Beautiful Georgetown, armpits above the rest! There’s just something about Georgetown. Maybe it’s the friendly & welcoming people who at the very least learn your name before shooting you with a rocket launcher. Maybe it’s the stunning architecture decorating the sprawling ghettos. Or perhaps it’s the incredible cuisine found in our two restaurants! (Well, one is technically a bakery and the other is a front for a drug den). One thing we all can agree on is once you visit, you never, ever, ever, ever leave.

Using state-of-the-art text based gameplay you can hop on and battle your way to the top, go for a relaxing stroll in our meandering herb gardens, kick back for some fishing, perhaps gamble away your life savings at our fully stocked casino. If that doesn't get your juices going there's plenty of human abduction, if you're into that sort of thing. Nothing to download, A3 is playable from any browser including cellphones and PDAs.

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Battling & Gaining Levels

Battling in this game is quite similar to many other games. You gain levels based on how much experience you have earned. Each level has a certain amount of experience points needed to level up. As you go up in levels, more is needed to go up to the next level. The higher your opponent's level is, the more experience you will gain. Each time you gain a level, you will receive three Allocation Points (AP).

Battle Gauge

The Battle Gauges are in place to stop people from attacking another over and over again continuously. If someone attacks and you die in the battle, then your battle gauge is set to 5 minutes (300 seconds) which means that no players can attack you again until your time is up. The default is 300 seconds but you may change your personal preference all the way down to 30 seconds from the Battle Settings under My Account. The Battle Gauge works in some other instances with different time limits such as when someone attacks and loses, but this is the most common application.


Attacking bots is another way to go about battling. What makes Bots special is that they cost credits to attack but they give 1.5 times the exp of an alien at the same level would give (for a small fee to attack). How much it costs to attack a bot is set by the player who created it. That means that while two bots may be the same level, their fees may be different. Bots do have alignment and unlike some other players, their battle gauge resets at 30 seconds instead of 300.

Battle Village

The only other way to gain experience is by battling the trainer. They are not real people but simulated battles. In this form of battling, you are based off an intensity level which starts at 1. The trainers will be very easy at first, and will give you low amounts of experience points and credits. As you continue to win more battles your intensity will increase and it gets much more difficult until the point where you will stop winning the trainer battles. To combat this keep working on your alien's stats. You'll gain more Experience Points and credits the higher your intensity becomes. Another different thing about the trainer is that you don't use confidence to battle. Instead you train 15 times a day. You can earn more trains by using Allocation Points on Training Ability. The maximum amount of trains you can do a day is capped at 25. You gain no alignment from battling trainers.

Weapons & Armor

Weapons and armor can be brought and sold from the Armory in Georgetown, and from other players in the Flea Market. They can also be made with the right combination of Ore and with enough Smithing studies at the G'town Fabrication in the Industrial Park of Georgetown.


Dressing up your alien at Stan's Boutique allows you to have some fun and at the same time allow some creativity to show. Players may judge you based on how your alien looks and it lets you show individuality. Forget about the typical green alien in red underwear, why don't you throw on a Pimp Jacket and some bling bling?!

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