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Sryth is a free, single-player, browser-based, story-driven fantasy RPG. You play the game in your web browser. There's nothing to download or install.

In the world of Sryth you are the hero! You take on the role of a bold adventurer (of your own creation) whose heart yearns for fame, fortune, and of course...the thrill of adventure! However, you're not just any ordinary adventurer...

In Sryth, the game's storyline revolves around you. You're the main character -- perhaps the greatest adventurer since the glory days of Tallys -- and your actions and decisions will not only shape your destiny, but perhaps alter the course of history!

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Character Statistics

Each character you create will have a set of statisics, defining his or her attributes and abilities. Therefore, a "character statistic" is a numerical representation of your character's ability level in a given area.

There are 9 basic statistics that all characters will posess. When you create a new character, the first step is to "roll" your character's statistics. For all statistics, the higher the number, the better that character's ability in a given statistic is.

Agility, Aura, Body, Mind, Spirit, Might, and Luck all have a minimum score of 2 and a maximum score of 20 when your character is first created. A value between 9 and 11 is considered "average". Melee Rating has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 28. Stamina Points has a minimum value of 3 and a maximum value of 32.

The aforementioned minimum and maximum values are only "starting values". Depending upon the success your character finds in the game (or lack thereof), his or her stats may increase or decrease both above and below the starting minimums or maximums.

Character Skills

Another part of your character's unique makeup is the set of skills that he or she possesses. Unlike your character's stats, skills are not innate character abilities.

A skill has a minimum level of 1 and a maximum level of 100. When you start a new character, or restart an existing character, you will be able to allocate 20 points to four out of a selection of ten skills. You may allocate as much or as little of the 20 points as you wish. You could spend all 20 points developing a single skill, or spread it around and spend 5 points on 4 different skills.

During the course of your adventures in Sryth you may come upon opportunities to acquire new skills or improve existing ones. You may improve any skill you possess by spending Experience on it. Your character will earn Experience during their adventures by defeating enemies, completing tasks, and generally achieving success. As your skill level with a particular skill increases, so does the Experience cost related to advancing it.

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Character Powers

Throughout the ages of Sryth's vast history (Igtheon, Araludon, and Thyreon), the abundance and potency of the magical engery that cradles this world have gone through dramatic shifts. However, during the Age of Igtheon, the world of Sryth is teeming with magical energy -- enough to offer both great rewards and great danger to those who seek to harness it.

It could be said with a great deal of accuracy that magic wielders on Sryth are less "magic users" than they are "conduits" for magical energy. What does this mean? Magic on the world of Sryth comes in the form of Nevernal energy -- a raw, and unpredictable force of great power that seeps into the realm of man from a place known as the Neverness. The Neverness is dark, shadow-filled, surreal realm, existing on another plane of existence from Sryth -- another dimension entirely.

It is from this mysterious and boundless dimension of eternal night that magic flows, its power interweaving into the fabric of the world of Sryth, driving its destinty and at the same time poisoning its soul.

Nevernal energy (for which the word "magic" may be used interchangeably) can be classified into ten basic spheres from which Srythian mages draw their might. Rumours abound that there are those who wield power outside of the ten basic spheres, but for now we'll leave rumour alone. A mage wielding such power would want to keep it a secret, for reasons that should be obvious!


Throughout your journeys on Sryth you will come across hordes of items that you will have the opportunity to acquire. Some will be of obvious importance or utility, and some not-so-obvious. You may find some items just lying about in wait, although others will have to be bought, fought for, or obtained in some other manner.

As determined by your MIGHT score, your character can only be encumbered so much by the items he or she is carrying. Once the items you are carrying meet your maximum allowable encumbrance you will no longer be allowed to acquire any new items. Of course you can always drop or sell items that you no longer want to carry with you.

There are three basic types that are used to classify items that your character can acquire: Armour, Weapons, and Miscellaneous.

- Armour is divided into subtypes, depending upon which portion of the body they protect. Example subtypes of armour include torso, head, feet, hands, etc.
- Weapons is a pretty self-explanatory type. Swords, axes, bows, daggers, maces, and the like make up this lot.
- Miscellaneous is everything else.

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Monsters and Combat

How Combat Works

Like many other fantasy role-playing games, combat in Sryth is broken up into individual rounds. During each round of combat both you and your enemy have the ability to dish out and sustain damage.

Killing vs. Subduing

Before the first round of combat is fought, you will sometimes have the option of subduing your opponent rather than killing him. It is more difficult to subdue an enemy than it is to kill that same enemy, since subduing someone (or something) that's trying to kill you is not an easy task!

Subduing an opponent is an alternative to killing, and can be used in situations where slaying one's foe would not be advised, or where you hope to get something (like information) out of him.

By selecting ATTACK TO KILL you will be attempting to slay your opponent. You may also just click on the icon of the 20-sided die in the upper right portion of the screen. This will roll the first round of combat and assume that you're trying to kill your foe.

By choosing ATTACK TO SUBDUE you will be trying to incapacitate your foe.

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