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Game Title: Earth Eternal
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 3D
Status: Close Beta 
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Realtime
Fee: Free
Official Site: Click here

Earth Eternal is a browser/client based MMORPG in development by Iron Realms. It takes place on a fictional earth where humans are extinct and animals rule the world. When it's released. That's as specific as they can get right now. If you want, sign up for the newsletter on the Offical Site and they'll let you know when it opens, and as developments come along.

EE is a high-quality, free, 3d MMORPG. It takes place in an epic fantasy world full of fantastical monsters, beautiful environments, and whimsical touches. The world of Earth Eternal is a kind of fantasy Earth. It incorporates real-world elements that range from Egyptian Gods to Arthurian legend to the saga of Beowulf. In other words, while Earth Eternal is loosely based on themes from the real-world, virtually everything has our own spin on it. For instance, in EE, most of the Greek and Norse Gods were slain by extra-dimensional Sphinxes acting in concert with Anubis, Egyptian God of Death.

The game is currently set to be released sometime in 2009 and seems to be following the mold of RuneScape and Achaea with the ability to play the game for free or pay-for-bonuses in addition to the roaming (though unlike Runescape, Earth Eternal will allow Players to roam the entire world, regardless if they pay or not). Player-vs-environment quest-completing aspect will differ from RuneScape and Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands in that it will be a 3D environment, with quality greater than that seen in RuneScape. It has also been stated by the developers that some Player-vs-Player combat system will be implemented, although its form has not been finalized yet. Lastly, it has been stated that the game will be able to be played in a Browser or via Download and on Windows XP or Vista; it will not be playable on any Mac OS at launch.


When EE is released, it will have four classes: Warrior, Mage, Druid, and Sneak. As noted above though, you are not limited to abilities within your class. If you've ever wanted to be that high-level badass who can do everything well, Earth Eternal is your game.


  • The Warrior is the primary up-close damage giver for the duration of combat. Others can do more damage up-close in the short term but none can tank like he can and still deal out large amounts of damage.
  • The Warrior can help control an NPC's aggro (ie how likely an NPC is to attack a particular member in a group. Not that relevant if the Warrior is solo'ing.)
  • The Warrior gains an extra bar called Battlelust that is similar to Achaea's Kaido or WoW's Rage. As he takes damage in combat, he gains Battlelust.
  • Battlelust powers special abilities.
  • The Warrior can use multiple types of weapons and multiple grips (single handed, two-handed, dual-wielding) and can use one of three 'styles' with any type of weapon. Styles enhance all weapon abilities via passive buffs.


  • The Mage is a long-range damage doer, vulnerable up close to physical attacks. His spells generate lots of aggro.
  • The Mage gets 1 to 4 new bars, called Mana.
  • The mage chooses a specialty element first and later, a secondary element specialty and tertiary element specialty (but never a fourth).
  • If your specialty was Earth you'd gain 5 Earth mana. If you had a secondary Fire specialty you'd get 10/2 (since you get less for secondary) Fire Mana.
  • Mana powers Overspells which are special abilities that often work in concert with or at the same time as normal spells.
  • Overspells are often aligned to an element, and if you have that element as your primary the cost for using it will be reduced. The cost will also be reduced, but less, if that element is your secondary or tertiary.
  • Most Overspells require simply one mana type, but some require 2, and a few require 3.

Earth Eternal screenshot
Click here for full image


  • Druid is a secondary damage giver, primary buff-giver, and healer.
  • As combat goes on, occasionally gets instant-use ability to heal itself.
  • The archetype most dependent on summoning other creatures.
  • Druids gain two bars: Life and Death, each of which must be 'focused on their melee weapon (staff, trident, or spear).
  • They fill Life by healing others or being healed.
  • They fill Death by doing damage to enemies.
  • Only one can be active in the staff at a time, and switching halves both bars.
  • There's an ability to convert death energy into life energy (for solo'ing).


  • The most damaging class up-close for a short period of time. Can't keep it up.
  • The second-least able to absorb damage.
  • A little trickier to play as it depends on positioning as compared to the enemy.
  • Sneaks depend on being able to sneak up behind an enemy for maximum effectiveness. Continuing to be behind an enemy is also ideal.
  • Sneaks gain a 'Stalking' ability that comes with Stalking points as shown by a Stalking bar. If the monster detects the Sneak, the Sneak loses all Stalking points and begins battle without them. The Sneak wants to start the battle in order to keep his accumulated Stalking points, so it's kind of betting how long you can Stalk (Stalking is less likely to be detected when you're physically behind the target) without being detected.

Earth Eternal screenshot
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We will have sixteen races available at release. They are:
  • Anura (frog-people)
  • Atavian (bird-person)
  • Bandicoon (raccoon person)
  • Broccan (badger-person)
  • Foxen(fox-person)
  • Lisian(gecko-person)
  • Ursine(bear-person)
  • Taurian(bull-person)
  • Bounder(rabbit-person)
  • Feline(cat-person)
  • Tuskian (boar-person)
  • Hart (stag/deer-person)
  • Caprican (ram/sheep-person)
  • Longtail (rat-person)
  • Fangren (wolf-person)
  • Noctari(owl-person)

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