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Dead Awaken

Dead Awaken is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG for short. You play as a character in a post zombie infestation world against players all over the world.

Welcome to Dead Awaken, the online game set in a post zombie outbreak world. Fight against players from all over the world in this massive multiplayer online game. Zombies have taken over in the virtual world of Dead Awaken and you can choose to join them or fight along with humanity to destroy the menace. In this free online game, you can eat, work, fight your enemies, buy a hideout or hang out with friends at the local pub. Dead Awaken is full of mini-games and ever-improving tools to build a better zombie. Choose to ally with an angry mob of humans or an infectious horde of zombies to further help your survival during the apocalypse.

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Here a player digs up graves in search of money, food, and "tickets" which give them the ability to train stat points and skill points. Players also randomly encounter and subsequently battle computer controlled opponents (human players encounter zombies, while zombie players encounter human zombie hunters). If the player is victorious in the fight, s/he wins a head which can be sold on the heads market, or can be used towards training stat points and skill points. Many players use the graveyard as their primary source of in-game income by fighting to obtain heads and then selling these heads for money.

The graveyard is home to the graveyard caretaker (human players) and the bum (zombie players). When encountered, this individual will offer players a mission. If they bring 10 heads to him, he will give them a prize. The first time this individual is encountered, he will offer to sell the player a flashlight. The flashlight, which can be toggled on and off at the player's discretion, greatly increases the fight encounter rate. This makes it an effective tool for players hoping to fight to gain heads. After the flashlight has been obtained, the caretaker/bum's missions will offer prizes of either cash or food (which, consumed, will give more stamina up to the maximum of 20).

Success in the graveyard is determined by many factors. By training the "Search" skill, a player will get more money when digging up graves. Success against opponents in the graveyard is determined by the player's stats, and what weapons and armor they have equipped. Since the level of opponents is determined by a player's armor and weapons, many players use a strategy of unequipping these items before entering the graveyard in order to encounter weaker opponents. This strategy can backfire, however, if a player forgets to re-equip the items before attacking another player or before entering the mall, where opponent difficulty is determined in a different way.

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Subway challenges

Players can carry out various daring tasks in the subway in order to gain money and "guts." The amount of guts a player has determines his/her ability to complete certain tasks. The more guts a player has, the better chance s/he has of completing a task, the harder the task was, more money he earns. Every task which is successfully completed, regardless of task difficulty, earns a player 1 guts in addition to the monetary reward given by Yuri the Russian midget.

Subway tasks run from (human perspective) rallying the living by spray painting "Die zombies die!", to lynching zombies, to setting fires to building, roasting the zombies inside. Zombie tasks include smearing blood on objects to incite fear among the living, jumping off tall buildings, fooling unsuspecting humans to eat zombie flesh, and infecting entire buildings with virus-filled blood. To advance to the next level, a player need to collect the amount of guts that would give him at least 50% chance of success on the desired level.


As the difficulty of a task increases, it takes more and more guts to get closer to being able to successfully carry out that task. For example, to advance one percentage point on task 3.2 requires approximately 88-92 guts. However, just one level higher at 3.3, it requires approximately 104-108 guts to advance. This built-in "pyramid effect" makes attaining high levels of guts difficult. However, the long-term benefits of guts are evident, which makes their attainment a goal for many players.

Emerging data trends suggest that players may achieve guts in slightly different ways. Discrepancies have emerged as to exactly when a player reaches 100% effectiveness on a particular task, and other differences are emerging. Theories about this phenoemna include the possible influence of stats on guts, as well as the possibility that gaining guts is a semi-random process, or is slightly different for each player.

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