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Gilfor's Tales Game Title: Gilfor's Tales
Genre: RPG
Graphics: 2D
Status: Open Beta
Theme: Adventure
Period: Fantasy
Time Units: Turns
Fee: Free
Official Site: Click here

Gilfor's Tales is the latest fantasy MMORPG made by Studio Sodigital, the creator of Arthic. It's completely available through your web browser. The whole game is made in Flash 9 containing realtime rendered 3D graphics. Unique, beautiful graphics, which add the detail of 2-D to the possibilities of 3-D rendering are simply breathtaking. It's with the use of this graphics the game's atmosphere is so rich.

Gilfor's Tales Screenshots
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Gilfor's Tales sets in a fantasy world suit for a tactical RPG, full of dangerous adventures and fierce monsters. You will be able to form a party, with which you will explore the farthest corners of the world. You will get to meet the magic of the world and with your deeds decide about the life or death of its dwellers.

Gilfor's Tales Screenshots
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Gilfor's Tales is being constantly updated. The technology in which the game is created allows for the release of additional content without the players noticing and being distracted from what's most important - playing the game. The player has 7 character classes at his disposal, from which he choses three to form his party. Each character of each player differs from another, as each one of them is specialized by spending Talent Points. The game lets the player play the game in his own way.

Gilfor's Tales Screenshots
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Players may compete with one another on Arenas. Basing on the wins and losses a ranking system is used to promote the best players. Single player mode is also noted and ranked. The player is able to take part in over 100 single or multiplayer quests. And you shouldn't foget the community, this is why players may rate and comment their profiles, write public notes regarding their experiences, or upload pictures and drawings of their characters.

The storyline has specially been written by the famous Polish writer ukasz Orbitowski.

The open beta will be launched this December, so keep visiting!

Gilfor's Tales Screenshots
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Gilfor's Tales Screenshots
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