Nexus War: Dominate the New Creation

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Nexus War

Nexus War is a browser-based multiplayer online roleplaying game where players and their factions struggle for control over territory and power over several planes of existence.

The universe - all that we know, all that exists - is dying. It is time for a new universe to be born.

In a faraway place and time, souls do battle to determine which ethos will dominate the new creation. This place is known by many names but those there refer to it as The Nexus.

As characters grow in experience and power, they discover that their every ethical action weighs against their soul. Those who persevere towards good may eventually ascend into angelhood while those who make evil their lot may descend, becoming a twisted member of the demonic horde. However, free-will is the dominant ethos, so many choose neither path, opting to study deeper, unaligned magicks and ways of combat.

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You, as a player, explore the game world and interact with other players through your Characters. Each character has a limited number of Action Points available per day (50). You use Action Points to do things, generally to gain Experience Points through actions like combat, crafting, or book reading. Nearly every thing your character does will consume 1 or more Action Points (usually 1). Characters "regenerate" 1 Action Point every 15 minutes, up to a maximum based on their level. This means that you can have two full "AP Cycles" per day. Each character has a number of Hit Points and Magic Points as well. If you character takes damage (such as from combat), you will lose Hit Points. If your Hit Point score reaches zero, you will die. The most important thing to know is that death in this game is not permanent. If your character is killed, you may simply "respawn" and poof: you're back in the game. Respawning costs Action Points (1 per level) - and at the early stages of your character's existence, this is pretty minor.


A character's Class serves as a general representation of the abilities of the character. Different character classes have different Skills that are available for purchase. Each class also has a particular set of Aspects, or appearances, which are unique to it.

A character class defines several basic elements about a character. There are twenty-one character classes in total, ordered in a hierarchal, or "tiered" structure. Characters must choose a class of a specific tier before joining one of its child classes.

All characters start as Mortals. Upon reaching Character Level 10, the character is eligible to select from one of several Tier 2 classes, depending upon his or her Alignment. When the character reaches level 20, he or she may choose to select from one of several Tier 3 classes.

Upon reaching level 10, all characters will be able to select from either Sorcerer or Myrmidon, the Unaligned tier two classes. If the character's alignment is Evil, the classes Pariah and Defiler will also be available. If the character is Good, the classes Paladin and Shepherd will be selectable (there will never be more than four class choices at level 10 nor fewer than two).

The classes available to a character at level 20 are directly determined by his or her tier two class. Tier three character classes are extremely powerful and are generally more specialized versions of their tier two parents.

Selecting a new class will not prevent you from buying skills from your previous classes.

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