The Mobster: Become the Boss of a Crime Gang

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The Mobster

The Mobster is a free browser based multiplayer Online Game based on the real mafia life. There is absolutely nothing to download or install on your computer!

You want to be a real Mobster like Al Capone and have everybody at your feet? You want to have fun? You want to make money? Then, you are at the right place!

Enter the Mobster world and you will become the boss of a crime gang. As a mobster, you won't have any legal restraints to make money. Indeed, your options are infinite.

You can purchase cars to do drive by's. You can recruit killers in Italian restaurants and have them armed with ak-47s to attack other mobsters. You can form or join an existing family. Really, in the mobster world, there is not much you can't do!

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Each round will last exactly 7 days (to the second, we do not joke in the mobster world). The rounds are independent from one another. That means that each round you start over from scratch. You don't carry anything from one round to the next except your experience and of course the love and hate you have developed for other mobsters!

Turns & Reserves

Turns are what you use to do everything: Recruit, produce, collect, and attack. Each round, you start with a given amount of reserves. Reserves are turns that can be saved for later in the round. Besides, every 10 minutes you receive another 20 turns. But be sure to use your reserved turns before the round is over, they will not carry over.

Family is a simulation of the real gangster world. Indeed you can be part of a organized crime family. It is a group of mobsters that trust each other and join forces to better control the streets. Families bring protection and respect. Families have a size limit of 20 mobsters.

Mafia structure

Known as the Honored Society among Mafiosi, the chain of command is organized in a pyramid similar to a modern corporate structure.

  • Don - The head of the family, usually reigning as a dictator.
  • Underboss - The Underboss, usually appointed by the Boss, is the second in command of the family.
  • Consigliere - Consigliere is an advisor to the family.
  • Captain (or Capo) - A Captain is in charge of a crew.
  • Soldier - Soldiers are official "Made" members of the family, and can only be of Italian or Sicilian background.
  • Associate - An Associate is not a member of the mob, but more of an errand boy.

To the Cosa Nostra, while not actually part of the mob hierarchy, the only thing lower than an associate is a citizen (or civilian), which is a person who has no connection to the Mafia at all.

The Mobster screenshot
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